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The Cayo Perico update for GTA Online included the addition of a ton of new music from various DJs. One of the DJs providing beats in the update is Berlin based producer Palms Trax. While Palms Trax provides new beats for the game, he also has a quest-line associated with his character in-game. This quest-line earns players various rewards when completed. For help here’s our quick and dirty Palms Trax missions guide.

How to Start Palms Trax Missions (Tom Connors)

The Palms Trax quests are free roam activities you will be contacted to complete when you are roaming the world of GTA Online. To trigger the quest you need to ensure you are a Penthouse owner at the Diamond Casino. Once you are a Penthouse owner Tom Connors will contact you via text regarding helping him with an ultra-high-profile VIP. This VIP he mentions is none other than Palms Trax. Agree to assist Tom Connors to start the Palm Traxs quest-line. This will trigger the first of two quests for this DJ.

Palms Trax Mission 1: Collect the Champagne Truck

Image showing the Champagne truck during the Palms Trax mission in GTA Online.

After you accept you will begin the first mission for Palms Trax. This mission is fairly easy to complete and simply requires heading to Grapevine when prompted. Once you are at this farm location you will need to search for a Piswasser champagne truck. This truck is crashed into a pickup on the southwest side of the farm along the dirt road. Once the truck is located hop into it and drive it back to the Casino. While you are driving try to avoid hitting things or going too fast as the champagne can be destroyed. You will receive 25k Casino chips and the Palms Trax Tee for helping out.

Palms Trax Mission 2: Collect DJ Equipment

Image showing the collect the dj equipment mission for Palms Trax in GTA Online.

The second Palms Trax mission is fairly straightforward to complete. Once you accept the mission from Tom you will be prompted to head to the Pirate Music store. Make your way to this location. When you reach the location you will need to kill the thief there so he drops the DJ equipment. The thief will attempt to run away so shoot him as soon as you pull up. There is a second enemy you will want to eliminate at the store as well.

Once the thieves are defeated you will see a backpack on the ground where one of them was killed. Grab the bag by running over it. With the bag collected jump into your car and make your way back to the Diamond Casino & Resort. When you reach the building head to the northside and enter the Music Locker through the entrance there.

Upon delivery of the DJ equipment you will complete the Palms Trax quest-line. For completing this quest-line you will receive another 25k Chips, the Helping Out award, and access to the DJ booth when Palms Trax is playing in the Music Locker.

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