GTA Online Guide: Arcade Properties & Arcade Games List

GTA Online received a new update today that is called The Diamond Casino Heist. As the name suggests this update brought the new Diamond Casino heist to the game for players to complete. Alongside this heist there are a number of new additions that have also been added. One of these new additions is the Arcade properties you can now purchase. Below you will find a complete GTA Online Arcade properties list as well as games you can play inside your arcade.

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GTA Online Arcades

Image showing an Arcade in GTA Online.

GTA Online Arcades are new properties you can purchase in the game. As the name suggests the cover for these properties is being an unassuming Arcade. Beneath each Arcade is a basement that features a planning area which houses planning boards and places to store getaway vehicles and heist prep equipment. There is also an area for crews to practise cracking vaults and hacking doors. Like other properties in GTA Online, there are different locations and prices for each:

  • Pixel Pete’s in Paleto Bay: $1,235,000.
  • Wonderama in Grapeseed: $1,565,000.
  • Videogeddon in La Mesa: $1,875,000.
  • Warehouse in Davis: $2,135,000.
  • Insert Coin in Rockford Hills: $2,345,000.
  • Eight-Bit in Vinewood: $2,530,000.

Like any good arcade you can purchase games to play inside your property. These games range in style from shooters to racers to claw games. Read the full description of each game below.

GTA Online Purchasable Arcade Games

Image showing how to purchase an Arcade in GTA Online.

Within each Arcade there are a number of Arcade games for players to purchase and play. These Arcade games can be purchased after you’ve acquired an Arcade using the laptop inside.

  • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad – $360,000
  • Badlands Revenge II – $362,500
  • The Wizard’s Ruin – $420,000
  • Race and Chase: Street Legal – $410,000
  • Race and Chase: Get Truckin – $369,500
  • Race and Chase: Crotch Rockets – $385,000
  • Defender of Faith – $152,500
  • Monkey’s Paradise – $90,000
  • Penetrator – $101,500
  • Invade and Persuade II – $245,000
  • Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition – Owned
  • Madam Nazar – $315,000
  • Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw – $295,000
  • The Love Professor – $261,500

Once you have an Arcade Game purchases you are able to play it in your Arcade. This allows you to both earn money off the machines and enjoy them yourself.

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