Fortnite’s Black Hole Just Took the Game Offline For Everyone

Featured image on Fortnite Black Hole is Sending Out Secret Messages

Earlier today Fortnite held The End event to commemorate the conclusion of the game’s Season X (10). This The End event ended with a ton of fired rockets and the appearance of a black hole. Fortnite’s black hole event has taken the game offline for players everywhere and has fittingly left only a black hole in its place.

Fortnite’s Black Hole Appears

What started as a typical Season end has now turned into a major event for Fortnite. Epic is really leaning into the idea of “The End” of Fortnite with all their social media accounts showing images of the game’s black hole. They’ve even gone so far as to host a stream of the black hole on their Twitter account which has deleted all 12,000k of its previous tweets.

Like the images on the Fortnite accounts show, there is only a black hole remaining where Fortnite once was. Players who completed The End event or who login to Fortnite are greeted with a black hole. Nothing else. You can see the screen above (note there is a fun little minigame to play on this screen).

While there has been rumors floating around for awhile of a new Fortnite map, the appearance of Fortnite’s black hole all but confirms it. At the conclusion of The End event the island as players know it has been destroyed. With the appearance of the black hole Epic Games is using it as downtime to prep the launch of the forthcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 which had previously been leaked. What’s inside Fortnite Chapter 2 remains to be seen but I would suspect it include new locations, new UI updates, new skins, new weapons, and more.

When the new Fortnite Chapter 2 will go live remains to be seen (could be hours, could be days). Until then enjoy all the crazy speculation flying around the internet. If that’s not your style you can always attempt to gaze into the abyss, just hope nothing gazes back at you.

Did you like Fortnite Black Hole event? Let me know your thoughts and what the future holds in the comments below.



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