How to Play the Fortnite Black Hole Minigame

Fortnite is undergoing a radical shift right now as Season 10 winds to a close. At the end of The End, players are taken to a black hole screen. On this screen there is a Black Hole in the centre and the option to exit. Some intuitive gamers have discovered there is a minigame for players to play. Here’s how to play the Fortnite Black Hole minigame.

Note: It appears to only be available on PC.

Fortnite Black Hole Minigame

Image showing the Fortnite Black Hole Minigame.

The Fortninte Black Hole minigame is accessed using the Konami Code. The Konami Code is a mythical code that is deep rooted in gaming lore. At the Black Hole screen input the following:


When entered correctly the above code will trigger Fortnite Black Hole minigame. In this Space Invader-esque mini game you play as a slice of pizza that must shoot at burgers as they drop from the top of the screen. Small burgers reward players with 100 points, while the boss burger gives 5,000 points. As of right now the game appears to be endless (yes there is a leaderboard), so trigger it if you wish to waste some time ahead of the launch of the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 2.

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