Everything You Need to Know About the Submarine in GTA Online

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In the Cayo Perico Heist update for GTA Online Rockstar added a new social space in the form of a submarine. This new social space, like others in the game, requires players to plop down a hefty amount of cash for it. Besides the hefty price tag there is also some other interesting aspects to this space. Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know About the Submarine in GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist update.

How Much is the Submarine and Its Customizations?

The most pressing question on your mind is probably how much the Kosatka submarine costs. Let me just say the price tag for this bad boy is pretty steep. To buy the base submarine costs $2.2 million. This purchase is can be made after meeting with Miguel Midrazo in The Music Locker.

Alongside the base model of the Kosatka you can purchase a number of upgrades. These upgrades add different visual changes and useful systems. The customizations and upgrades you can buy are:

  • Color – $75k.
  • Flag – Free.
  • Guided Missiles – $1,900,000: Adds guided missiles to the submarine that can be controlled from the Bridge. The cooldown on these bad boys is one minute.
  • Weapon Workshop – $350,000: Allows you to customize your weapons and purchase new guns from inside the sub.
  • Moon Pool Vehicles – $3,360,000: Adds two vehicles for use to the submarine which are the Sparrow and the Avista submarine.

If you grab everything listed above you are looking at $9.085 million total purchase price. This all in cost is similar to the cost of the fully tricked out Yacht when it was introduced back in the day. If you have the cash you will most likely want to buy everything to ensure you have ample access to any and all upcoming content for this vehicle. Also note that the sub does have a maintenance fee of $150/day.

Where Does the Submarine Dock and Can You Drive It?

Before you pull the trigger on this purchase you may want to know where the submarine docks and whether it moves. The submarine can be docked anywhere in the seas around Los Santos. This is due to the fact the sub is actually driveable. You can also dismiss and call the submarine to your location at anytime from your cellphone.

Yes, as mentioned above, you can pilot the submarine and move it wherever you want in the water. This can be done from the sub’s control room. In this room there is a pilots seat you can sit in. When sitting at this seat you have the option to fast travel or pilot the sub. Driving allows you to take control of the submarine. While in piloting the sub you can descend, move along the surface, use your radar to look for treasure, fight other submarines, and so on. Fast traveling in the sub allows you to go to different set locations for $2,000-$10,000 per trip.

What Else Can You Do With The Sub?

Driving aside there are a few other things you can do when you are on the sub. Some of these things depend on customization while others come stock. The other things you can do are:

  • Sleep: There is a bed in the crew quarters you can sleep on.
  • Surf the Web: Laptop in the crew quarters you can use to get on the internet.
  • Change Clothing: Crew quarters again. Closet beside desk allows you to change clothing.
  • Radio: Listen to the radio on the wall in the Mess hall.
  • Periscope: Look through the Periscope on the bridge to see your surrounding above water.
  • Planning Screen: Used to plan and launch the Cayo Parico Heist.
  • Launch Guide Missiles: On the bridge there is a console you can use to launch missiles you control. These missiles reload once every minute.
  • Stock up on free snacks in the Mess hall area.
  • You can store the Toreador and Stromberg in the Moon Pool.

Whether or not the sub is worth the money to you is largely your decision. Given that it gives access to the Cayo Perioc Heist it is probably in your best interest to at least buy the lowest version of the sub. With that said some of the additions and customizations may not be all that useful for you persoanlly. Are you going to get the sub?

Can the Kosatka By Destroyed?

The submarine can be destroyed in GTA Online. This huge sea behemoth takes roughly 10 missiles to take down. Anyone in the game can destroy your submarine whether you are in it or not. If your sub does get destroyed you can call it back in to dock using Services.

This guide is part of our larger GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist hub. Follow the link to access more of the guides we’ve created for this update. Thanks for reading and happy heisting.

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