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The Cayo Perico Heist update for GTA Online introduced a new sonar system for players to use. When the sonar is active players can see enemies that are underwater and find underwater caches to collect. The underwater caches are interesting as they respawn each day for players to collect them. These caches payout $7,500 each and also award RP. To help you learn more about this system check out our GTA Online underwater caches guide below.

How to Get Sonar and Use It

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Sonar is the technology you need to gain access to search for the caches underwater. This technology is currently available in a couple of vehicles you can purchase and as a purchasable addition to the submarine:

  • Toreador – $3.36 million on Warstock Cache & Carry.
  • Avisa – Moon Pool vehicle you can buy for your sub.
  • Sub Sonar Station – upgrade you can purchase for the Kosatka for $1,200,00.

Once you have a sonar equipped vehicle using it is fairly straightforward. On controller click the right thumbstick to turn on Sonar while KB+M need to press the ‘x’ key.

When you activate sonar you will see it on your mini-map. About every 4 seconds or so it will ping objects throughout the ocean including both submerged enemy subs and underwater caches. Both of these will appear when you open your main map allowing you to see the locations throughout the ocean.

How to Collect Underwater Caches

Once you know the location of the cache you have a few methods of gathering it from very long and tedious to short and quick. To collect a cache you need to either swim or drive over it. The methods you have at gathering the caches are:

  • Sub and Diving: Drive your submarine to a cache location and dive or use a vehicle to collect the cache. This is the most time consuming method and should be avoided at all cost.
  • Mark Location, Fly to It, and Dive: Use the Sonar in your sub to highlight locations. Mark them on your map then fly to the locations and dive for the cache. Slightly faster but still time consuming.
  • Use Avisa or Toreador: Take either the Avisa or Toreador into the ocean and activate the sonar. Drive to the different underwater caches and pick them up. Fastest method since you don’t have to leave the vehicle to get the cache.

Select a method from above and use it to collect all 10 of the underwater caches for the day. Repeat daily as you so desire. Collecting all 10 underwater caches per day will earn you $75,000. Keep in mind the locations each day are randomized so you have to rely on sonar for collection.

Are Underwater Caches Worth the Effort?

No, underwater caches are currently not worth the effort for a few reasons. First they pay out next to nothing. Each cache is worth $7,500 when collected. Second underwater navigation (even in the Toreador or Avisa) is time consuming. Third the initial upfront cost for sonar is high making caches an long term investment you would have to do daily to payoff in any meaningful way. At 75k/day you will need to grind this activity for a while to pay back the initial investment cost.

With that said if you have cash to burn and wish to unlock another activity in the GTA Online world you might as well do this when you are bored. Given the fact you at least make some money from this activity it is not the worst way to spend your time. There are a bunch of better cash activities you can play instead though.

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