Everything in Free Title Update 5 – Monster Hunter World

Geralt Joins The Hunt in Monster Hunter World
Everyone's favorite Witcher, Geralt.

With the Appreciation Fest coming to an end in MHW, Capcom has decided to release a new Title Update (#5), for console players around the world. This Title Update features a number of new additions including the appearance of everyone’s favorite Witcher, Geralt. Below we will be taking you through everything in the Free Title Update 5 of Monster Hunter World.

Geralt Joins The Hunt (MHW x Witcher)

Geralt Joins The Hunt in Monster Hunter World
Everyone’s favorite Witcher, Geralt.

This collaboration between MHW and The Witcher is one I have been quite hyped for (and I hope you’ve been as well). Like other collaboration in the past (DMC, Megaman, etc.), you’ll will find a couple of new quests (with Witcher flair) as well as a number of new armor items and weapons. Here’s how to get everything pertaining to the MHW x Witcher.

MHW x The Witcher Questline

Everyone wants to be Geralt right? This badass monster slayer has gone through a portal and ended up in the world of MHW where killing monsters is basically a full time job. Like other collaborations there a number of quests to complete in this crossover event.

Third Fleet Felyne in Monster Hunter World
To begin The Witcher questline, speak with the Third Fleet Felyne in the market.

To begin these quests be sure you have the Free Title Update #5 downloaded on your console. Once you’ve done this, login to a session and make you way to the market. In the Tradeyard speak with the Third Fleet Felyne (just in front of the general seller). The Felyne will tell you to go back to the Research Base with it. Accept to begin the questline.

At the Research Base, speak with the Lynian Expert. The Lynian Expert will tell you of a mysterious creature (a Nekker) which has appeared. During a brief cutscene, Geralt will appear before the hunters. After the cutscene, make your way to the Ancient Forest. Note: when you depart for the Ancient Forest you are given a choice, to play as your hunter of play as Geralt. Since you can replay these mission I recommend being Geralt the first time around.

I don’t want to spoil too much about this questline, so I will just leave it at that, but it is definitely one of the better crossovers in my humble opinion.

MHW x The Witcher Armor and Weapons

For completing the MHW x The Witcher questline, you will receive a number of rewards which can be converted into Witcher Armor and Weapons. The Recipe for the new Witcher items:

Geralt Alpha (Full Armor Set)

The Geralt Armor Set makes your Hunter look like Geralt. To craft this set you need the following:

  • 1x Leshen Skull.
  • 3x Leshen Claw.
  • 4x Cursed Bone.
  • 2x Leshen Resin.

Witcher’s Silver Sword

Witcher's Silver Sword in Monster Hunter World
You can craft the Witcher’s Silver Sword in Monster Hunter World.

Alongside the Geralt Alpha Armor set is the Witcher’s Silver Sword. This sword can be crafted using the following materials:

  • 1x Leshen Skull.
  • 4x Cursed Bone.
  • 2x Leshen Antlers.
  • 2x Carbalite Ore.

MHW x The Witcher Guild Card and Pose

For completing the MHW x The Witcher questline you will unlock the The Witcher 3: Dark Clouds Guild Background and The Witcher 3: White Wolf Pose. Both of these items can be applied on the Edit Guild Card screen.

12 Million Celebration Item Pack (Login Bonus)

12 Million Celebration Item Pack Content Monster Hunter World
When you collect your Login Bonus, you will receive the 12 MIllion Celebration Item Pack.

To celebrate the 12 Million milestone, Capcom is giving players the 12 Million Celebration Item Pack. Inside this pack you will receive the following:

  • 10x Appreciation Fireworks.
  • 20x Great Gunpowderfish Scale.
  • 20x Great Sushifish Scale.
  • 1x Gold Wyverian Print.
  • 3x Heavy Armor Sphere.

All of the above items will be credited to you on login. You should see a screen like the one picture above when you collect you Login Bonuses for the day.

Thoughts on our quick look at everything in the Free Title Update 5 of Monster Hunter World? Let us hear them in The Pit below.



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