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When you start a new game in Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise you will view a short cutscene from December 2018. In this cutscene a woman can be seen frozen in ice in the Clarkson Food Delivery Services warehouse. This mysterious opener starts the first chapter of the game dubbed . To help you navigate this first episode use our Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise episode 1 2019 guide below.

Episode 1 2019: Meeting & Questioning Francis York Morgan

Image showing Francis Zach Morgan in Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise Episode 1 2019.

After the opening cutscene you will take control of Agent Aaliyah Davis. Aaliyah and Agent Simon Jones are in the foyer of a dilapidated apartment building. If you wish to hear all the dialogue in this sequence simply wait a few minutes while Aaliyah and Simon discuss pizza and Nietzsche quotes. After the dialogue is complete walk up the stairs until you reach a door you can open by pressing ‘A’. Open the door to trigger a cutscene in which the two agents enter the apartment. Inside the apartment players meet the fan favorite Francis York Morgan who is looking old. To complete Episode 1 2019 you need to question him.

Questioning Francis York Morgan

Hang up your coat by walking over to the coat hangar and pressing A to trigger another cutscene. The cutscene lays out that the two agents are here to question Francis York Morgan. After the cutscene you will enter Interrogation mode. Here you will have a number of options:

  • Left Wall – Messy awards and trophies: Aaliyah asks Francis about the various cases he’s solved in the past and whether he really solved them.
  • Zach’s Indulgence: Asks Francis to stop smoking weed while they speak.
  • Zach’s Poker Face (story selection): Francis will offer his profile on Aaliyah and will advance the line of questioning.

Once you’ve selected one of the choices above you will learn about Vision. Holding L will trigger a special vision that highlights the advances the story line selection to make during the interrogation. In this case that selection is Zach’s Poker Face. After you’ve selected this option you will trigger a new round of questions to assault Francis head-on.

  • Zach’s vacant eyes: Asks Francis about death and if he fears it.
  • Unfinished chess game: Aaliyah points out how old the chess board looks. The agents then argue over why Francis plays chess alone.
  • Le Carre case files (story selection): Selecting the case files will move the story along by bringing up the homicides in Le Carre, LA in 2005. This case was supposedly solved by Francis, but the agents present evidence to the contrary. After this selection you will have a new selection available.
    • Photo of Lise’s frozen body (story selection): The agents show the photo to Francis. Discovering the body means the agents can gather more information on the murder including weapon used and motive.

Upon completing this round of questioning you will need to drill down deeper as it appears Francis is hiding something. To do this means completing another round of questions that include some old selections.

  • Unfinished chess game: Aaliyah attempts to drill deeper on the chess game and who Francis is playing with. This highlights the DID that Francis has.
  • Photo of Lise’s frozen body: More information on the finding of Lise’s body and the re-opening of the case.
  • Le Carre case files (story selection): The Agents push Francis to try to expose that he was in Louisiana the week prior.

Upon completing this round of questioning you will need to drill down deeper as it appears Francis is hiding something. To do this means completing another round of questions that are based on things around the room.

  • Empty Box: Asks Francis about his eating habits and how they appear to be used to preserve his life.
  • Pile of DVDs: Aaliyah highlights the massive DVD collection Francis has. This is a nice callback to the first game in which Francis would discuss various movies while driving. We also learn from this that Francis is retired and watched a ton of movies because they guide us.
  • Another strangely clean spot (story selection): Several spots in the room are strangely clean. Francis calls these spots sanctuaries. After this story selection you will get another selection.
    • Rummaging Simon (story selection): Simon pulls out the Greenvale Case Files. Simon will then attempt to give the files to Francis but will fall onto the Sanctuary. This triggers Francis who grabs Simon. While this is happening a cut on Aaliyah’s finger starts to bleed. Francis fears the color red so he goes crazy.

After this sequence you will return to the interrogation screen yet again. This time you will have only a couple of selections for you to choose from:

  • Left Wall – Heavy-duty Shredder: A large shredder is sitting next to the desk on the left wall. Aaliyah raises her concern that Francis has been using it to hide something.
  • Left Wall – Another strangely clean spot: On the desk next to the shredder there is another clean spot. Interact with this spot to learn more about sanctuaries from Francis.
  • Greenvale case files (story selection): The agents discuss the Greenvale event with Francis.

After this round of questioning Aaliyah will think that Francis is close to breaking and that there is only one final push needed to break him. This triggers the last few questions you can ask:

  • Honeycomb in a jar: Francis wanted to harvest royal jelly in its most natural state and that’s why the honeycomb is in a jar on the shelf.
  • Clock in trash: There is a clock in a trash pile in the corner of the room. This triggers a philosophical discussion on time.
  • Picture of a leaf (story selection): Aaliyah shows Francis a picture of a tree from the Le Carre case. This triggers Francis as the tree is red.

Upon completion of this final round of questioning you will go back in time to the events in 2005. Before that occurs you will watch a brief opening sequence that plays out like a True Detective opening. This title sequence can be skipped by pressing and holding A. Episode 1 2005 will then begin.

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