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After completing the questioning sequence in episode 1 2019 of Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise you will start episode 1 2005. In this episode you take control of Francis York Morgan as he begins his investigation into the death of Lise Clarkson in Le Carre. To help you navigate this long section of the game use our Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise episode 1 2005 guide below.

Le Carre Episode 1 2005 Guide

Image showing the Episode completion screen for Le Carre Episode 1 2005 Guide.

After the opening title sequence you will watch a cutscene featuring Zach in which you will need to answer him by selecting the ‘Answer’ text option when prompted. Once you answer you will ‘wake up’ in Le Carre on the balcony of a hotel having breakfast.

During the breakfast sequence you will meet a chef NPC called David Jawara. David will talk to you about visiting city after which you will be able to ask him some questions:

  • What do you know about the victim?
  • Where’s the Clarksons’ house?
  • What’s the local law enforcement doing?
  • Thanks, that’ll be all (story selection).

Unlocked by Asking Non-bolded Questions

  • What do you know about New Orleans?
  • How can I get around town?
  • It was a bizarre murder?

If you wish to get more storyline before you head out into the city. The more questions you ask the more questions you will unlock to ask the chef. If you want to skip the lore simply dismiss the chef.

M.01 Cracking Open the Case

After this dialogue sequence you will take control of Francis inside the dining room of the hotel. Here you will get the first quest in the game which is called M.01 Cracking Open the Case. To complete this quest you need to return to York’s Room to review the case. Since there is nothing for you in the dining room, leave out the only door you can interact with. When you leave you will see a brief cutscene that shows you the location of your room. Head down the first set of stairs and enter Room 203 which is York’s Room.

Inside the room you will change into your suit and a brief dialogue sequence will begin with Francis talking about replacing his suitcase. During this sequence you will enter Evidence mode. During this mode simply select the options as they appear so you organize the evidence. Upon organizing evidence you will complete M.01 Cracking Open the Case.

M.02 He Who Knocks

Once you’ve organized evidence and talked about the merits of the 2005 film The Island you will hear a knock on your room door. This triggers the M.02 He Who Knocks quest. To complete this quest you need to answer the door. Before heading to the door you can explore the room a bit. Some points of interest are:

  • Phone: Phones act as save pints. Use them when you wish to make a manual save of your game.
  • Toolbox: Allows you to store items since you can only carry so many on your person at a time. There are a number of items inside the Toolbox you may want to grab.
  • Closet: Change clothing that Francis is wearing. If you wear the same clothing for an extended period of time it gets dirty. If your suit is dirty you can send it to the dry cleaner to be cleaned.
  • Bathroom: In the Bathroom you can Shower (broken atm interact to start S.07) and Shave. Both systems allow you to present a more clean cut Francis if you so desire.

After you’ve explored the room go to the door and answer it to meet Concierge David Jawara, not to be confused with Chef David Jawara (though they are the same person). Once this interaction is over you will complete M.02 He Who Knocks.

M.03 The Name’s Origin

After your meeting with Concierge David you will trigger the next quest called M.03 The Name’s Origin. Leave your room to trigger a cutscene with Francis and the painting called Houngan. Houngan ambiguously tells you about the other world and how to visit it. After the cutscene you will want to check out the map in the hotel lobby.

The map is located on the wall on the opposite side of the lobby area. When you interact with the map you will unlock it and will start Oracle Decryption. During the Oracle Decryption you need to select Alexus’ Diner & Lane to solve the first riddle and Clarkson Food Delivery Services for riddle two. You will receive $15 for completing this puzzle. After the puzzle David will tell you not to smoke in the hotels. This David is Bellboy David Jawara. After this interaction you will unlock M.04 Below Zero and M.12 Bowling Cajun Cuisine.

M.04 Below Zero

Note: before leaving the hotel you can head to the front desk and ring the bell to talk to Concierge David. David sells a number of useful supplies if needed.

We will start with the quest M.04 Below Zero since the Clarkson Food Delivery Service can be found near the hotel. This location is time based so you need to be there between 8:00~17:00 (can view time on your map by pressing -).

Leave the hotel via the front door to head outside to the street. As soon as you leave you will meet Patricia Woods. After the cutscene with Patricia Woods interact with the sheriff van to meet Sheriff Melvin Woods. Melvin will give you special permission to enter the warehouse if you meet him there.

To get to the Clarkson Food Delivery Servicefollow the M.04 waypoint on your map so you leave the parking lot. As you leave Patricia will stop you. Long story short she will join up with you. Ride your skateboard over to the warehouse and speak to Melvin there. Before you go inside Melivn gives you a tranquilizer pistol. This weapon fires rubber bullets only. Melvin also gives you a radio. This completes M.04 Below Zero.

M.05 Mr. Alligator

Once you have the tranquilizer pistol you will unlock this quest. To complete the quest you need to shoot the five wooden crates in front of the loading bay beside Melvin. Shooting is similar to the previous game as you will need to aim first before you can fire. Once all five boxes are destroyed you will talk to Melvin again.

M.06 An Ingenious Choice

After the cutscene head up the stairs and go into the Clarkson Food Delivery Service building. Inside the warehouse use the save if needed and grab any needed supplies from the toolbox. Talk to Melvin if you wish then turn on Vision and look to the right of the pile of wood to find and pickup the Black Bass Scale there (marked on mini-map with an x).

Head through the door to the left of the wood pile to enter the freeze section. Talk to Melvin again if you want another interaction then trigger Vision while looking around the freezer. Pick up the 3 shining pieces in the large area then head to the back of the warehouse to find a phone and door. Save your game and open the door to trigger a cutscene.

In the next large room go into the door on your right and enter the refrigerator that is open to reach the ‘morgue’.to complete M.07 An Ingenious Choice.

M.07 Searching the Morgue

Enter the refrigerator and crouch under the crime scene tape to reach the footprints on the floor. Inspect the footprints to start an Inspection sequence in which you can find the following clues:

  • Ceiling – Hanging Light.
  • Icicle on the ceiling.
  • Thermometer on the wall.
  • Stray palette.
  • Cardboard.
  • Left – Cardboard.
    • Styrofoam Boxes.
  • Large footprint (story selection): Large human footprints on the floor of the refrigerator.
  • Where Lise lay (story selection): Frost shape of a body bag on the table. No signs of dragging it away.

Upon completion of the inspection you will speak to Melvin outside the refrigerator. Melvin mentions there is a second room called the luxury foods warehouse.

M.08 The Icebound Zone

Leave the refrigerator and head to the right to the end of the warehouse. Use the elevator to learn it needs a key. To get the key you need to find an employee that will use their key to lower the elevator down for you. This completes M.08 The Icebound Zone.

M.09 Special Agent Man

To find the elevator key you need to make your way to a sleeping employee inside an office in the back corner of the warehouse. To get to this office face away from the elevator and look for a green cart on your right. Push this cart out of the way and go into the shelving area it was blocking head to the right in this area and move the green shelves you happen upon until you reach a shelf you can crouch under. Go under this shelf and enter the office there. Grab the key near the sleeping employee. Go back to the elevator and approach Melvin and Patricia to complete this quest.

M.10 Earth to Avery

After you ride the elevator down you will witness a cutscene with an NPC called Avery Smith. Avery can’t hear you and you will need to get his attention. To get Avery’s attention you need to use the tranquilizer gun to shoot the meet off the ceiling. When you shoot the first big meat Avery will come over and unlock the gate. This triggers a cutscene. This ends this quest step.

M.11 The Flying Serpent

To find the flying serpent in the luxury food warehouse head behind the shelf to the left of the NPCs and interact with the crate that is there. On this crate you will find a crate with a dragonfly on it. This is the clue we were looking for inside the warehouse. Once found the group will head outside.

After you’ve gone outside you will trigger a cutscene that basically results in Melvin leaving the group. You and Patricia will stay together and should head to Alexus’ Diner & Lane by following the waypoint on your compass.

M.12 Bowling & Cajun Cuisine

Out front of the diner you will speak to Patricia and she will give you some new case information. After receiving this information go inside the bowling alley and approach the booth with the red exclamation mark to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you will meet Alexus Jawara.

After the cutscene with Alexus head over the the elderly woman bowling and speak to here. This woman is Mrs. Carpenter. Mrs. Carpenter is bowling and hogs the land. You need to convince her to let you bowl. This triggers a new quest step.

M.13 Something Legal

Once the new quest step is unlocked you can speak to Mrs. Carpenter again when she is by the bowling lane to trigger another cutscene. During this scene Francis asks her about the dolls she uses to bowl so well. This makes us learn about Ezrulie Freda and The Mirror which becomes marked on our map. This ends M.13 and unlocks M.14.

M.14 Erzulie Frieda

Leave the bowling alley and head to Erzulie Frieda’s hop by following the waypoint on your compass. Enter the shop and head to the counter to meet The Mirror. During this interaction The Mirror will offer to sell you an Alligator Figurine. This start this next quest M.15.

M.15 Buy the Alligator Figurine

After the cutscene mentioned above you will be prompted to buy the Alligator Figurine for 30.00. Buy the figurine to learn that you are planning non putting it in-front of Mrs. Carpenter’s house to get her to stop bowling. This completes both M.14 and M.15. You will also receive the side mission S.47, but we can’t do anything with it right now.

M.16 The Gator Figurine

Go to leave the shop to meet Galena Clarkson. Galena is rude to you as she enters the shop. Turns out her dollie is missing. There isn’t much we can do about it right now so head outside. We can’t place the figurine until Mrs. Carpenter is home which is between 22:30~06:00. This means you can either explore the city until then or go back to the hotel and sleep in your bed. Regardless of what you choose place the figurine on the steps of her house in the allotted time to complete M.16.

M.17 A Gift

Pass the time using either the bed, cigarette, or waiting method so you can return to Alexu’s Diner & Lane. Note you will need to access this location during the daytime when Mrs. Carpenter is normally there. When you do enter there will be a dialogue sequence with Patricia. You learn Mrs. Carpenter is gone. After speaking to Patricia head over to Alexus who is by the jukebox and speak to her. This completes M.17.

M.12 Bowling & Cajun Cuisine Continued

Head up to the bowling lane and interact with it to start the bowling mini-game. To complete this quest you need to bowl a strike which means you knocked down all the pins. There are a number of ways to get a strike so I will leave that up to you, but I bowled one relatively easily with the 16 lbs ball, middle arrow, full power, no-spin. Again how you do this is largely up to you.

Upon getting a strike you will trigger a dialogue sequence with Mrs. Carpenter where you will learn some interesting things about Lise. This completes M.12 and unlocks the bowling mini-game. To learn what the next step is simply leave the bowling alley to have Houngan speak to you. This triggers an Oracle Decryption you need to complete that involves selecting Lise’s Discovery Site. Once complete you will unlock M.18.

M.18 The Otherworld

Outside the bowling alley use the radio when prompted to speak to Melvin. Melvin tells you Lise’s mother Galena has gone missing. After this conversation you can head to Lise’s Discovery Site between 6:00-8:00. If you head back to the hotel to pass the time you will trigger a cutscene where you meet Raven Yahoo and will unlock the game’s fast travel system.

Complete the interaction with Raven Yahoo and head into the hotel for some much needed sleep. Pass the time to something like 5:45 then head out the room and go downstairs. Leave the hotel and make your way to the Lise’s Discover Site location. Go underneath the bridge and head through the trees and shrubs to reach the crime scene.

As soon as you enter the location you will hear sobbing. Francis will then skip a rock. You will then play a stone skipping min-game. After skipping one rock in this game Francis will spot a boat in the river. After this head over to the crime scene and interact with it to trigger a Singularity Investigation. This investigation has a number of objects in it:

  • Spanish Moss.
  • Eerie Floating Skull.
  • Bottle.
  • Paper.
  • Old Tire.
  • Arranged Stone.
  • Graffiti.

Interact with whichever objects you want to get some lore. Once you’ve done that select the Eerie Floating Skull to complete the Singularity Investigation. After the investigation you will trigger a cutscene where you announce you are heading to the Sugar Plantation.

M.19 Singularity

Head across the bridge so your reach the Clarkson Sugar Cane Plantation. Approach the barn to trigger a cutscene with Daniel Clarkson. After this cutscene head over to the door and enter the Plantation Control Room. Save and use the Toolbox if needed then enter the purple portal to reach the otherworld.

M.20 Fatal Omen

If you haven’t played Deadly Premonition before I just want to point out that the he otherworld is where you will find the bulk of the combat in the game. Think of it like the upside down in Stranger Things or the dark world in Silent Hill. In these levels you will encounter enemies you will fight as you explore the location. To defeat enemies you will use your Psychogun.

To make your way through this otherworld head forward and go into the first interact-able door on your right. In this room kill the enemy that appears to make the roots blocking the door disappear. Head through the unblocked door and crouch under the root blocking the hallway. Take out the enemy on your left and walk down the hallway until you reach a moveable cart. Move it out of the way and continue forward until you reach a door you can go through. Go through this door into the room with a bunch of tables. Follow the path around the table until three enemies spawn defeat them to unblock the door. Go through the door and crouch under the root here. Hang a right and enter the portal.

In the new area you will trigger profiling on the scene in the barn. There are four points of interest you can look at. Look at them all to complete the Profiling and trigger a cutscene. This will complete M.19. Enter the portal that appears on the door to leave the barn and enter more otherworld.

To make your way through this other section of otherworld head forward to the T and take a right. Crouch under the root blocking your path and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Take out the four enemies in this room to unblock the door. Go through the door and move the cart so you can go to the left. Follow this path through he next few rooms until you reach the portal. Save and heal before entering the portal as it is boss time.

Episode 1 2005 Boss: Galena Clarkson

Image showing Galena Clarkson phase 1 in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise.

Note: The Galena Clarkson boss fight has two parts.

Approach the tree you see in front of you to trigger a cutscene with Galena Clarkson. Galena admits she killed Lise as part of a ritual. After this admission the boss fight will start. Galena Clarkson is a fairly easy boss fight to complete. All you need to do in this fight is focus your damage on the tree orb she is in while avoiding the adds (alternatively you can simply defeat the adds before focusing damage on Galena. Once the first phase is defeated Galena’s true form will appear.

The second phase of Galena is far more difficult and annoying than the first. In this form Galena is mobile teleports towards you to deal damage. When she does teleport towards you she leaves turns into a trail of leaves. As these leaves get closer to you run away from them. Once Galena appears she will try to swipe at you run away so you are out of reach and then immediately start firing at her. Repeat until you trigger phase two at about 1/2 health.

In phase two Galena will summon clones of herself that shoot skulls at you. When a clone is shot it will disappear. During this phase you will need to find the right Galena to deal damage (the one that doesn’t disappear when shot). Once Galena is found shoot her until she disappears and repeats the attack. Complete this sequence until your reach phase three.

The third and final phase basically combines phases one and two together. In this phase Galena will summon her clones when she teleports you ad does her swipe attack. Again just get enough distance and unload on her until she dies. Upon her death loot the arena and head through the portal to encounter the real Galena Clarkson in the real world.

After you’ve interacted with Galena you will place her under arrest and the M.20 mission will end. Back at the police station you will learn about the next suspect in the case called Professor R. As we learned earlier Professor R runs a jazz bar in town. This starts M.21.

M.21 The Beginning

Leave the police station and head back to the hotel and enter your room there. Interact with the Link Board to start Evidence Organization. Select the following choices to complete the Evidence Organization when prompted: Danny Clarkson, Stalked her, Galena Clarkson, and Professor R.

Upon completion of the Evidence Organization you will have trigger the final cutscene of Episode 1 featuring a look at the Clarksons. After this cutscene and a hilarious look in the jazz club Episode 1 2005 will come to an end and Episode 2 2019 will begin.

Thoughts on our Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise Episode 1 2005 guide? Drop them in The Pit below.



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