Episode 2 2019 Guide: Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise

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Once you complete Episode 1 2005 you will start the next episode in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise. In this next episode you return to the present where the agents are still speaking to Francis about the case. During this sequence you will need to interrogate Francis once again. To help you complete this episode use our Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise Episode 2 2019 guide below.

Francis York Morgan in the Otherworld

When you start this episode you will be in control of Francis in the otherworld. This sequence is straightforward enough as all you need to do is walk forward when you have control of the character. Upon completion of this section of gameplay you will return to Francis’ apartment for more questioning.

Episode 2 2019: More Questioning of Francis York Morgan

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Withe more information coming out about the murder of Lise the agents begin to push into Francis about his methods. After this exchange Aaliyah realizes she needs to push deeper to get get more out of him. This raises a few options you can inpsect to get Francis to speak:

  • Greenvale case files.
  • Left – Old, messy letters.
  • Photo of Lise’s frozen Body (story selection).

Once you complete this sequence and select the story selection you will need to try another round of inspections to try and get information out of Francis. These selections are:

  • Pile of DVDs.
  • Window behind Zach.
  • Nervouse Simon (story selection).
    • Up Ceiling Light.
    • Le Carre case files (story selection).

After this sequence Francis will stand up and make some coffee. During this scene Francis will talk about Aaliyah watching Francis and Aaliyah suffering from visions. After both agents have tried the coffee there is another round of questioning.

  • Nervous Simon.
    • Silent Simon.
  • Photo of Lise’s frozen body.
  • Lightning in the sky (story selection).

Upon completion of this line of questioning Agent Jones will go the bathroom leaving Aaliyah and Francis alone. During this time Aaliyah mentions there is a document that could be used to get a confession out of Francis inside Agent Jones’ briefcase. You have two options here:

  • Zach’s indulgence.
  • Simon’s Briefcase (story selection).
    • Left – Old, messy letters (story selection).

On this final round of questioning you will trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene you will move back to 2005 where you will take control of Francis for Episode 2 2005.

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