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With the second section of questioning complete Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise jumps back in time to 2005. After this time jump is complete you will regain control of Francis inside the the police station. Something has happened to Galena Clarkson while in police custody that resulted in her death. This event leads to more questions in the murder mystery. This starts the next episode which can be completed using our Episode 2 2005 guide below.

Le Carre Episode 2 2005 Guide

Image showing the Episode Complete screen for Episode 2 in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise.

In the police station you will find the body of Galena Clarkson who is now dead. The body has had its limbs amputated. This races a number of questions for Francis who is investigating. After the brief cutscene about Galena Clarkson the M.22 quest will begin. This quest is very short.

M.22 Severed Roots

To complete the M.22 Severed Roots quest all you need to do is leave the jail area of the police station and head into lobby. Once you leave the jail via the stairs this quest is completed. Walk into the lobby to trigger an interaction with Houngan the oracle. This starts a Oracle Decryption with the answers being:

  1. Thompson’s Farm.
  2. Le Carre Evangelical Church.

Once you’ve selected both of these locations you will unlock quests M.23 and M.27. For the sake of keeping things in order we will start with M.23.

M.23 The One Who Found Her

This quest tasks you with visiting Chuck in the Crawfish Farmer’s Shack on the Thompson’s Farm. Leave the police station to trigger a cutscene with P.G. Clarkson. After this cutscene make your way to the marker on your compass for M.23. At this location interact with the sign to learn about the Thompson’s Farm tours. After interacting with the sign interact with the train car to trigger a cutscene where Francis tries to jump over the train on his skateboard which leads to the skateboard being destroyed. You will then get a radio from Melvin and will learn about Emma Sanders and will start M.24.

M.24 Beloved Repairs

Since you don’t have a skateboard you need to either run or fast travel to Emma’s house which is across town. Once there head to the garage to trigger a cutscene with Emma. Emma fixes your skateboard and then offers to teach you some tricks. This ends M.24.

M.25 Emma’s Challenge

The group heads to an Abandoned Factory where they have room to practice. Here you will learn how to do a Wallie which can be done at the top of a ramp by pressing L. After learning this trick you will need to complete the skate challenge which involves touching six flags along a course. Complete this challenge to complete M.25 and unlock Emma’s skating workshop.

M.26 Stay Humble

With the ability to Wallie unlocked head back to the ramp and use it to jump over the train car so you reach the other side. This will complete the M.26 quest.

M.23 The One Who Found Her Continued

Head down the raven on your skateboard until you reach the Thompson’s Farm. When you get close you will trigger a cutscene that shows Francis and Patricia approaching Chuck outside his shack. The two strike up a conversation with Chuck and learn a number of intriguing pieces of information. After the conversation you will complete M.23 and will unlock Airboat Rides.

M.27 The Infirmary

Leave the farm by using the nearby fast travel station and make your way over to the Evangelical Church. As you get close to the side door you will trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene head through the doors into the church. Inside the church you will encounter the mysterious silent woman and Pastor Sanders. After these interaction you will complete M.27.

M.28-30; M.31: The LORD Hungers 1-3

The M.28-30 missions task you with collecting various food items from different locations in Le Carre. These food items are as follows:

  1. M.28: Spam – Melvin’s Le CRAWFISH (van outside Police Station).
  2. M.29: Red Beans & Rice – Alexus’s Diner & Lane (Only on Mondays).
  3. M.30 > M.31: Canned Spinach – Erzulie Freda.

Make your way to all three locations listed above and acquire the food items listed. Both M.28 + 29 are relatively easy while M.30 unlocks M.31 which is more involved (click link above for guide on it if needed).

M.32: Take the Taboo Trinity to Tyrone

Go back to the church and enter it through the side doors. When you enter you will trigger an interaction with Pastor Sanders. Pastor Sanders has a new request for you.

M.33-36: The LORD Still Hungers 1-3

Pastor Sanders makes a new request of you to collect a number of other items for him. These items are a bit hard to gather as the ordering of the quest is somewhat odd. Basically to make life easiest for you collect the items as follows:

  1. M.33 6x Anaconda Skin – On ground in Park to east of the church. Use Vision when looking in the park to mark the spots on your minimap.
  2. M.34 6x Squirrel Tails – Head to any residential area and look for clusters of red dots on your mini-map. Kill the squirrels that are the red dots and loot them.
  3. M.35 1x Pressed White Guara – Once you’ve completed the quests above Francis will mention asking the Concierge about the flower. Go to the hotel to get and speak to him then interact with the Bellboy’s desk. Head upstairs and talk to the Chef then go downstairs and speak to the Bellboy. Enter the bathroom and grab the flower from inside the stall.

Once you’ve collected everything listed above head back to the church and deliver the bundle to Pastor Sanders. Grab the Eerie Drum off the desk. With the instrument in hand you will complete M.36. Leave the church to trigger a cutscene.

M.37: Head to Helena Dauman’s House

Follow the quest marker on your compass to reach Helena’s house. Approach the house to trigger an interaction with Patti. After this interaction you will complete M.37 and Houngan will speak to you. This triggers an Oracly Decryption in which you need to select Owl’s Nest Jazz Bar.

M.38-39: Drink the ‘Firewater’ at the Owl’s nest

Make your way over to the Owl’s Nest during its hours of operation. Head inside to complete M.38. Approach the bar and sit to complete start a Singularity investigation:

  • Up – Large GO Sign (story selection).

When you select the choice above Lena AKA Professor R will appear and there will be a cutscene. During this cutscene Francis will drink the firewater and will pass out. After Francis comes to he will need to head to the Clarksons.

M.40 The Oak Castle

To complete this quest step you need to head to the front gate of The Clarksons’. The Clarksons’ can be found as far west as you can go on your map. This means making the long trek via your skateboard to their estate. Once you reach there you can enter through the open gates to get inside. Head up the path to the house and enter it. Walk forward to the portal.

M.41 Point of No Return

Through the portal you will enter the Otherworld. Like the end of Episode 1 2005 you need to make your way through this area so you reach the boss at the end. I’m not going to get into to much detail for this one as the area is fairly linear. If you do get stuck know that there is a hallway off of the hallway with the cart you can move that leads you forward. Also note exploring and destroying boxes in this area is a good way to get supplies.

When you do reach the end of the area you will go through a portal into the dining room. At this moment you will trigger a Profiling event. Inspect all points that you can to advance then loot the room for some supplies. Save your game then enter the portal. Make your way through this Otherworld section to reach another room in the house. Here you will encounter P.J. Clarkson. When you have control loot the room and grab the doll off the bed. Head through the portal.

Continue through the next section of Otherworld until you reach the third and final portal for this area. In the bedroom you will trigger a cutscene with Lena Dauman. Once the cutscene concludes loot the room and save. Go into the nearby portal to reach the last Otherworld sequence for this episode.

At the end of this final Otherworld sequence you will reach a room full of supplies, an altar, a Toolbox, and a phone. Gear up however you see fit then save the game. Head through the portal when you are ready for a boss fight.

Episode 2 2005 Boss: Lena Dauman

Image showing the Lena Dauman boss in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise.

This boss fight plays out similar to the boss fight in Episode 1 2005. During this fight you need to focus on the cocoon on the tree in order to deal damage to the boss. While you are doing this you will need to deal with a number of adds on the map. If you focus the cocoon with your psychogun and dodge the adds you can quickly get this first phase over with.

After the first phase Lena Dauman will transform into her true form. In this form Lena becomes more mobile by growing wings. This means she will fly during the fight. In the first phase Lena flies around the arena and shoots four fireballs at you. Just before the fireballs hit you can dodge the attack by sprinting right or left

After you deal about half damage you will trigger the second phase which sees Lena add a dive to her arsenal. This dive attack can be dodged fairly easy at the last minute by running right or left. Keep shooting Lena with your psychogun until you reach about 30% health to trigger the final boss phase.

During the final phase of this fight Lena will send out a flame ring when she slams on the ground. If you have enough damage you can simply shoot while backing away from Lena while the ring expands through the arena. Before it hits you you will defeat Lena. If you don’t have enough damage you can simply dodge through the flame ring.

Upon defeat of Lena loot the arena and head through the portal. On the otherside of the portal you will find Lena IRL. There is an event that occurs here and the outcome is interesting to say the least. Once this event is over head outside to complete M.41.

M.42: The Plot Thickens

Leave the manor via the brick path and head across the road to the fast travel station. Make your way to the police station when its open and head inside. When you enter you will trigger a cutscene with Patti. After this cutscene you will complete M.42.

M.43 The Goddess of Fertility

Go back to the hotel and access the Link Board after the cutscene. To piece together the evidence we’ve found so far select the following options when prompted:

  1. Crawfish Farmer.
  2. Helena Dauman.
  3. A miniature bomb.
  4. I don’t know.

Upon completion of the Link Board you will complete M.43 and a cutscene will trigger. After this cutscene you will have completed Episode 2 2005. With this chapter complete it is time to head onto the next chapter, Episode 3 2019.

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