Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Thiollier Quest Guide

Thiollier in Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Thiollier quest is a quest players can complete for Thiollier, a character introduced in the DLC. This quest spans the Realm of Shadow and requires completing specific steps to reach its conclusion. To ensure you successfully navigate Thiollier’s questline, follow our comprehensive guide below.

Step 1: Meet Thiollier at the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace

Map location of Thioller in the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace.
The first place you can encounter Thiollier is at the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace.

To meet Thiollier for the first time, travel to the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace in Gravesite Plain. Here, you’ll find Thiollier, who introduces himself as a master of poisons. He talks about St. Trina and expresses his desire to find her and hear her voice.

Optional: After meeting Thiollier, head to the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace and talk to Moore. He will give you the Black Syrup item. You can then give this syrup to Thiollier in exchange for Thiollier’s Concoction. This concoction is useful in the Dragon Communion Priestess quest and can be used to trigger a different outcome.

Thiollier will stay at the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace until you progress further in the game. During this time, he acts as a merchant, buying and selling items. It’s only if you locate St. Trina (2A) or advance the main storyline (2B) that he relocates to a new area.

Step 2A Option: Locate St. Trina Before Defeating the Golden Hippo Boss

Map location of the Garden of Deep Purple Site of Grace.
St. Trina is located in the Garden of Deep Purple.

Note: If you do this step before meeting Thiollier you can tell him St. Trina’s location when you meet him. This causes him to move to her location.

One way to get Thiollier to move is to find St. Trina for him after breaking the Great Rune but before defeating the Golden Hippopotamus boss in Shadow Keep. To accomplish this, navigate through the Cerulean Coast, pass through the Stone Coffin Fissure, and reach the Garden of Deep Purple.

In the Garden of Deep Purple, interact with St. Trina. You don’t have to drink her poison, but you must at least interact with her. Once this is done, return to Thiollier, and he will inform you that he is heading south. Rest at the Site of Grace to prompt his departure. Thiollier then moves to the Garden of Deep Purple.

Step 2B Option: Defeat the Golden Hippo Boss in Shadow Keep

Alternatively if you don’t want to go there just yet you can cause Thoillier to move by defeating the Golden Hippopotamus in Shadow Keep. Upon defeating this boss return to Thoillier and speak to him. He will mention he is moving south. Rest at the Site of Grace and he will make his way to the Garden of Deep Purple.

If you choose this method Thiollier becomes available as a summons for the Putrescent Knight boss fight at the end of the Stone Coffin Fissure. This can be useful for players struggling with the fight.

Step 3: Imbibe Nectar from St. Trina and Hear Her Speak

Go to the Garden of Deep Purple and speak to Thiollier. He is in a lulled state from having imbibed the Nectar St. Trina offers. Approach St. Trina and interact with her. Select “Imbibe Nectar.” It will kill you. Repeat this process four times until you hear St. Trina speak. Continue doing it until you’ve heard everything she has to say.

Once you’ve imbibed the Nectar and heard St. Trina speak, talk to Thiollier. Select the option to tell him that St. Trina passed words on to you. He will get angry. Try telling him St. Trina’s words again when the option appears. He will say he will never forgive you.

Red Phantom Thiollier invading the player.
Thiollier invades after you try telling him St. Trina’s words.

Head back to the Garden of Deep Purple Site of Grace and rest. After resting, Thiollier will invade the area. Defeat him to obtain St. Trina’s Smile. Return and speak to Thiollier. He will ask you to pass on St. Trina’s words to him.

Step 4: Defeat Radahn, Consort of Miquella and Loot Thiollier After Fight

Proceed through the DLC to the final dungeon, Enir-Ilim. Navigate through this dungeon and complete the fight against Needle Knight Leda and her allies. You can summon Thiollier for assistance during this battle if you need help.

Afterward, head to the top of the castle to face the final boss, Radahn, Consort of Miquella. Thiollier can be summoned again for this fight if desired, though it won’t impact the outcome. Once you defeat Radahn, rest at the Gate of Divinity Site of Grace. Thiollier’s body will appear nearby. Loot it to receive:

  • Thiollier’s Hidden Needle
  • Thiollier’s Mask
  • Thiollier’s Garb
  • Thiollier’s Gloves
  • Thiollier’s Trousers

Following this you can return to St. Trina to receive an item from her. Simply go back to the Garden of Deep Purple and visit her where you normally would to grab them of the body there.

For additional guidance on completing Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree quests, be sure to check out our other guides. Explore multiple storylines as you journey through the Realm of Shadow to fully experience the game.

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