Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Dragon Communion Priestess Quest Guide

The Dragon Communion Priestess in Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Dragon Communion Priestess is a special NPC players can encounter in Elden Ring. This NPC has her own questline with multiple outcomes and multiple rewards. To help you do them all here’s our complete Dragon Communion Priestess quest guide.

Note: The Dragon Communion Priestess quest has two possible outcomes, depending on whether or not you use Thioller’s Concoction. Each choice leads to different rewards and story developments. To achieve your desired outcome, make sure to make the correct choice for the outcome you want.

Step 1: Get Thiollier’s Concoction from Thiollier

Before meeting the Dragon Communion Priestess, it’s crucial to obtain Thiollier’s Concoction to be able to make a key choice in her quest. Follow these steps carefully, and ensure you do this before advancing too far in Thiollier’s own questline:

  1. Speak to Thiollier at the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace
  2. Talk to Moore at the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace to get the Black Syrup
  3. Give the Black Syrup to Thioller
  4. Receive the Thioller’s Concoction

Important: Obtain Thiollier’s Concoction before advancing too far in her questline. If Thiollier becomes unconscious or unavailable, you won’t be able to give her the Black Syrup or obtain the needed concoction.

Step 2: Meet Dragon Priestess and Make a Choice

Path leading to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion.
Go to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion.

The next step is to head to the Foot of the Jagged Peak. To get there, travel through the Dragon’s Pit and follow the path leading south until you reach the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. At this location do the following:

  1. Speak to the Dragon Communion Priestess at the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. She will prompt you to Devour draconic essence. Choose this option to receive the Ancient Dragon’s Blessing, a consumable item that grants a damage negation boost.
  2. Advance time to Nightfall if needed.
  3. Speak to the Dragon Communion Priestess again at Nightfall.
  4. You can choose to use Thiollier’s Concoction while interacting with her now.
  5. Make your choice*.

*The choice of using Thiollier’s Concoction or not determines the rewards you can get from the priestess after defeating the Bayle the Dread boss. Details of each outcome are further below (Step 4).

Step 3: Defeat Bayle the Dread

Regardless of your choice your next step is to face Bayle the Dread. Head to the top of Jagged Peak Mountain where the large crater is located, and enter the boss arena to face Bayle.

Bayle is a challenging opponent, so it’s crucial to have a strong build or be highly skilled. To make it easier you can summon Igon and another ally can help alleviate some of the pressure. Additionally, using the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana during the fight will allow you to deal extra damage.

You can also use the Ancient Dragon’s Blessing during the fight we obtained earlier to reduce the damage taken from Bayle. This item is a one-time use, so if you die after using it, you’ll need to reacquire it from the Dragon Communion Priestess.

Regardless of how you go about completing Bayle’s fight, upon defeating him you will receive the Heart of Bayle item. You can then rest at the Rest of the Dread Dragon Site of Grace and proceed to the next quest step.

Step 5: Collect Rewards from Dragon Communion Priestess

With Bayle defeated, return to the Dragon Communion Priestess. The choice you made regarding the using the Thiollier’s Concoction or not determines what happens here. The outcomes and rewards are as follows:

Rewards if You Gave Thiollier’s Concoction

If you gave the Dragon Communion Priestess Thiollier’s Concoction during nightfall, she will fall asleep, which she shouldn’t. Pass time at the nearby Site of Grace until she wakes up, then speak to her again.

Following the Bayle fight she will give you the Dragonbolt of Florissax incantation. After you can admit that you put her to sleep. Though initially angry, she will then offer to become your servant. Accepting her offer allows you to obtain the Ancient Dragon Florissax summon.

Rewards if You Didn’t Give Thioller’s Concoction

If you didn’t put the Dragon Communion Priestess to sleep, you will receive the Priestess Heart item and the Flowerstone Gavel weapon as rewards after the Bayle fight. These items can be found in the location where the priestess usually stands, as she disappears.

Additionally, you can use Bayle’s Heart at the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion (the flame). Interact with the altar and select the Communion with Bayle option to trade the heart for one of two incantations: Bayle’s Tyranny or Bayle’s Flame Lightning. Remember, you can only choose one per playthrough.

For additional guidance on completing Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree quests, be sure to check out our other guides. Explore multiple storylines as you journey through the Realm of Shadow to fully experience the game.

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