Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Igon Quest Guide

Igon in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

In the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC there is a secret side quest players can complete for an NPC called Igon. This side quest tasks you with finding and defeating a hidden boss in the Jagged Peak area. This quest features multiple steps to complete. To help you easily complete it, see our full Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Igon quest guide below.

Notes: Burning the Sealing Tree after defeating Messmer causes the majority of NPC quests in the DLC to come to an end. Igon’s quest is an exception. It can be done before or after burning the the Sealing Tree without any negative effects.

Step 1: Meet Igon Near Pillar Path

Igon map location first meeting by Pillar Path Waypoint.
You can first meet Igon by the Pillar Path Waypoint.

To begin this questline, speak to Igon. You can find this NPC in the middle of the road next to the Pillar Path Waypoint Site of Grace in the Gravesite Plain. To reach this location, simply follow the road southeast from the Castle Ensis Castle Front Site of Grace.

If you don’t encounter Igon here, you will have another chance to meet him later on during Step 4 of the questline. Ensure you meet him during that step to receive the item he provides for the boss fight.

Step 2: Defeat Ancient Dragon-Man Twice and Go to Jagged Peak

Ancient-Dragon Man map locations.
Complete the two Ancient-Dragon Man fights at the locations marked above.

After speaking with Igon on the path, continue heading south. Along the way, you’ll encounter an enemy named Ancient Dragon-Man (with a red name). Defeat him, then proceed south until you reach the Dragon’s Pit.

Travel through the Dragon’s Pit until you reach the very bottom. There, you’ll find an abyss you can drop into. Descend into the abyss and proceed forward into the boss arena to face the actual Ancient Dragon-Man. Defeat him to receive the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana. Afterward, open the door and go through the tunnel to access the Foot of the Jagged Peak area.

Optional: Meet the Dragon Communion Priestess and Get the Ancient Dragon’s Blessing

In the Foot of the Jagged Peak take the path leading south until you reach Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. At this location speak to the Dragon Communion Priestess to learn about the dragon called Bayle the Dread.

After learning about Bayle select the “Devour draconic essence” dialogue option when it is presented. Choosing this gives you the Ancient Dragon’s Blessing which provides a damage negation boost consumable you can use to make the Bayle the Dread boss fight easier.

The Dragon Communion Priestess has her own questline that unfolds alongside Igon’s quest. This quest has a couple of outcomes and offers unique rewards. For a comprehensive guide on how to navigate this storyline, check out our Dragon Communion Priestess guide.

Step 3: Get the Igon’s Furled Finger Item

Make your way to the Foot of the Jagged Peak Site of Grace. From here head into the large southeast area that has two Jagged Peak Drakes in it. Defeat both of these dragons to receive the Dragon Heart and Dragon Scale Flesh items.

Upon defeating both you will hear Igon say something. Go over to to him on the path leading northeast. Speak to him to receive the Igon’s Furled Finger item which allows you to summon Igon for the Bayle fight.

Step 4: Defeat Bayle with Igon’s Help

Now that we have both items, it’s time to face Bayle the Dread. Head to the top of Jagged Peak where the crater is located, and enter the boss arena to confront Bayle. Upon entering, you will find a golden summon sign for Igon on the ground. Use it to bring him into the fight.

Bayle is a challenging opponent, so it’s crucial to have a strong build or be highly skilled. Summoning Igon and another ally can help alleviate some of the pressure. Additionally, using the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana during the fight will allow you to deal extra damage.

You can also use the Ancient Dragon’s Blessing we obtained earlier to reduce the damage taken from Bayle. This item is a one-time use, so if you die after using it, you’ll need to reacquire it from the Dragon Communion Priestess.

Regardless of how you go about completing Bayle’s fight, upon defeating him you will receive the Heart of Bayle item. You can then rest at the Rest of the Dread Dragon Site of Grace and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Collect Rewards from Dragon Communion Priestess and Igon

After defeating Bayle, return to the Dragon Communion Priestess to receive rewards based on how you completed her quest. You may receive the Dragonbolt of Florissax incantation and Ancient Dragon Florissax summon, or find the Priestess Heart item and the Flowerstone Gavel weapon waiting for you.

Additionally, you can use Bayle’s Heart at the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion (the flame). Interact with the altar and select the Communion with Bayle option to trade the heart for one of two incantations: Bayle’s Tyranny or Bayle’s Flame Lightning. Remember, you can only choose one per playthrough.

Go Get Igon’s Rewards

Igon's armor set and Greatbow worn by the player.
Igon’s armor set and Greatbow.

If you summoned Igon during the fight, you can receive additional rewards from him. Go to the Foot of the Jagged Peak Site of Grace and find Igon on the path nearby. Unfortunately, Igon has passed away, but you can interact with his body to claim the following items:

  • Igon’s Greatbow
  • Igon’s Helm
  • Igon’s Armor
  • Igon’s Gauntlets
  • Igon’s Loincloth
  • Igon’s Bell Bearing

Upon gathering these rewards you will have complete Igon’s questline. Congratulations! Bayle is no pushover so defeating him and getting this quest completed is quite the accomplishment!

For further help in completing Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree quests be sure to check out our other guides. Like the Igon quest another one you can complete regardless of your progress is with Ymir & Jolán. Check out our Ymir & Jolán quest guide for details on that one.

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