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In the Liurnia portion of the Elden Ring map you can find a woman named Rya. Rya is missing her necklace and believes it was stolen by someone that ran off to a nearby house. She asks that you find that person and bring the necklace back to her. To complete this side quest use our Elden Ring Rya’s Necklace guide below.

Where to Find Rya

Rya can be found at this location.

You can find Rya in the gazebo directly east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace near the bird’s eye telescope. Approach the gazebo and go inside to meet her. Speak to her and agree to help. She mentions that she thinks the bandit took her necklace to a nearby abandoned house, so that’s where we need to look.

Where to Find Rya’s Necklace and the Blackguard

The house Rya speaks of is located directly northwest of the gazebo where Rya is. Head in that direction and you will eventually reach a named location called Boilprawn Shack. Outside of this shack you will encounter the bandit. Speak to him and ask about the necklace. He wants you to buy it off him. If you go this route it costs 1,000. I chose this option, but I assume you can kill him and take it from his corpse.

Once you have Rya’s Necklace return to Rya. Give her the necklace back to receive your reward. For being a helpful person Rya gives you an interesting item called the Volcano Manor Invitation. This is a part of Rya’s questline.

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