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Rya is an NPC that players can meet in Elden Ring. This NPC has fairly long questline that features a number o interesting item drops and interesting lore. To help you full complete her questline use our Elden Ring Rya quest guide below.

Where to Find Rya (Location 1)

You can find Rya in the gazebo directly east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace near the bird’s eye telescope. Approach the gazebo and go inside to meet her. Speak to her and agree to help. She mentions that she thinks the bandit took her necklace to a nearby abandoned house, so that’s where we need to look.

Where to Find Rya’s Necklace and the Blackguard

The house Rya speaks of is located directly northwest of the gazebo where Rya is. Head in that direction and you will eventually reach a named location called Boilprawn Shack. Outside of this shack you will encounter the bandit named Blackguard Big Boggart. Speak to him and ask about the necklace. He wants you to buy it off him. If you go this route it costs 1,000. If not kill him and loot it from his corpse (locks you out of the Blackguard Big Boggart questline).

Once you have Rya’s Necklace return to Rya. Give her the necklace back to receive your reward. For being a helpful person Rya gives you an interesting item called the Volcano Manor Invitation. After receiving her necklace Rya will move on.

Where to Find Rya (Location 2)

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Rya will meet you in a couple of spots next depending on which path you take to reach the Altus Palteau. If you put the Dectus Medallion and use the Grand Lift of Dectus she will meet you at the top of the lift. If you go through the mountain path she is located inside of the Lux Ruins.

In both locations speak to Rya and she will offer to transport you to Volcano Manor. This cuts out the Mt Gelmir journey you will traditionally need to make to reach this location.

Join the Volcano Manor and Complete the First Hunt

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At the Volcano Manor head forward and speak to Tanith. Join the Volcano Manor then go into the Drawing-Room and grab the Letter from Volcano Manor [1] from off the table. This letter tasks you with hunting down Old Knight Istvan. Go to Limgrave and complete the duel with Istvan. Return to the manor and speak to Tanith to get your rewards and to become a full member of the group. Fast travel out and back to refresh the area.

Where to Find Rya (Location 3)

Rya resides in the Drawing-Room of the Volcano Manor up until you do the first hunt. After this hunt she moves to the middle room across from the Drawing-Room. Go into this room when she’s moved to meet her in snake form. Speak to her to advance the questline. She tells you her real name is Zorayas and that she is the daughter of Tanith.

Optional: After you’ve spoken to snake form Rya go back to Tanith and choose “Zorayas’s form” from the dialogue options. Tanith will ask you to look after her.

Reach the Prison Town Church Site of Grace

Note: I had to complete the second hunt in the Volcano Manor questline before Rya’s quest advanced.

Once you’ve interacted with Zorayas, she will turn into human form again (sit at Site of Grace). Speak to her and she tells you that there are sounds coming from the walls. She wants you to investigate the sounds.

Leave Rya’s room and make your way to the room next door to the east. Go into the room and roll into the painting on the far wall. This reveals a hidden pathway. Follow the pathway and go down the ramp in the large room. Go through the room with the hound knight and you will reach the Prison Town Church Site of Grace. Sit at it then head back and speak to Rya. Tell her what you discovered.

Optional: Speak to Tanith after this step to tell her about “Zoraya’s Troubles.”

Get the Serpent’s Amnion after Defeating Godskin Noble at the Temple of Eiglay

Our next step in the quest is to get the Serpent’s Amnion from the Temple Eiglay, deeper in the Volcano Manor. There are two methods of getting to this location:

  1. Use the Abductor Virgin at the bottom of the waterwheel in the Academy of Raya Lucaria to abduct you. Drop off the cliff at the start to get to the lower city. Use the cage lift to reach the temple.
  2. Use the secret path in Volcano Manor hidden behind the illusory wall. Make your way through the lava area until you reach the temple.

Once at the temple defeat the Godskin Noble. Grab the Serpent’s Amnion from off of the altar on the east side of the temple. Take the item and head back to Zorayas. Give it to her to advance the questline. If you can’t give it to her, fast travel out of the area and comeback. Rya will leave to a new area.

Optional: Speak to Tanith after Zorayas leaves about “Zorayas’s Absence” to receive the Tonic of Forgetfulness. This can be used later in the quest when the final decision is made.

Where to Find Rya (Location 4)

Rya moves to a final location deeper inside of the Volcano Manor. To reach her new location go to the Temple Eiglay. Ride the elevator up and head out to the balcony on the eastside. Jump over the balcony onto the path below. Follow the path all the way up until you reach the large open area. Run west/northwest past the Abductor Virgin. Go into the doorway shown in the image above to find Rya.

At this final location you decide the outcome of the quest. Approach Rya and select from the three possible outcomes you can pick. These outcomes are as follows:

  1. Kill Her: Loot her body to get the Daedicar’s Woe talisman.
  2. Don’t Kill Her: Don’t give her the tonic. Defeat Rykard and return and speak to Rya. Reload area to get Daedicar’s Woe and Zoraya’s Letter from where Rya was. Rya’s letter says she has set out on a new journey.
  3. Give Raya the Tonic: Give her the tonic and she goes to sleep. Speak to Tanith about what you’ve done. Speak to Rya after defeating Rykard in the Drawing-Room. Reload to get the Daedicar’s Woe talisman from where you spoke with her.

The happy ending to Rya’s questline is to not kill her. This allows you to get the talisman and a letter hinting that Rya has moved onto better things. Regardless of what you choose, this last section ends her questline.

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