Elden Ring Volcano Manor Request Istvan Guide

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In Elden Ring when you reach the Volcano Manor you can search the various rooms for a variety of items. One room in particular features a letter that marks a target on your map to hunt. This starts the Old Knight Istvan hunt request. To help you complete it use our Elden Ring Volcano Manor Request Istvan guide below.

Where to Find the Letter from Volcano Manor

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At the Volcano Manor speak with the Tanith who is sitting in the chair. Agree to join and she will give you a Drawing-Room Key. Take the key and head down the hallway to the southwest. Open the second door on your left to enter a drawing room with a few NPCs inside. On the table next to the night in this room is the Letter from Volcano Manor (1).

Where to Find Old Knight Istvan

Visit this map location to encounter Old Knight Istvan.

When you look at the Letter from Volcano Manor you learn that your target is named Old Knight Istvan. Old Knight Istvan is located in the Limgrave region. The exact location is marked on your map. The location is just south of the dueling arena in the north section of the region. Go to the icon and use the invasion marker there. You will invade Istvan’s game. Defeat him in a duel to defeat him.

Istvan drops the Scaled Armor set. Go back to Tanith at Volcano Manor and speak to her. She gives you the Magma Shot spell as a reward. Head into the Drawing Room to grab the next Letter from Volcano Manor with a new target.

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