Elden Ring Meeting Place Map Guide

In Elden Ring there is a special map players can find called the Meeting Place Map. This map shows off the location of the Glintstone Key, which is needed to enter the . To help you find the Glinstone Key using the Meeting Place Map, we’ve put together in the Elden Ring Meeting Place Map guide below.

Where to Find the Meeting Place Map

To find the Meeting Place Map you need to make your way to the South Raya Lucaria Gate. Just next to the gate there is a slumped body with a purple item. Interact with this body to receive the Meeting Place Map. Open your inventory and inspect the map to reveal the location you need to look to find the Glintstone Key.

Where is the Meeting Place for the Glintstone Key

If you looked at the map and still aren’t sure, I’ve got you covered. The meeting location shown is nearby. You need to go to the west rocky outcropping on the outskirts of Raya Lucaria. Go to the location shown on the map above to find the Glintstone Key. There is a dragon sleeping on the southside of the rocks. Behind the dragon in the alcove is the body of a priest that has the Glintstone Key on it.

Once you have the Glintstone Key you can return to the gate and use the key to open it. There is a Site of Grace on the other side. This gives access to the Academy of Raya Lucaria where a boss fight lies.

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    Thank you !

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    really really hard to tell where this is, need the map zoomed out alooooot more atm all i see is a picture of a map i havent picked up yet.

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    This isn’t a very good guide, poor explanation and lack of photos in this haven’t helped me locate the item at all.

    • Eli McLean says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve edited the post to hopefully make things clearer. You can also click the image to get a larger size picture.

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