Where to Get the Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring

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One of the more powerful weapons that players can get in Elden Ring is the Sword of Night and Flame. This sword is very strong and can make quick work of many of the game’s toughest enemies. If you want to get the sword for yourself, this guide will help you do that. Find out where to get the Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring below.

Elden Ring Sword of Night and Flame Location

To get this weapon make your way to the region named Liurnia. Head to the very northwestern point of this region to reach the Caria Manor. To reach this location you need to travel through Kingsrealm ruins where there is illusionary wall blocking the path leading north you can hit to reveal the road up to the manor.

The Caria Manor has a Site of Grace outside of it called the Main Caria Manor Gate. I will be explaining the route from this spot below. From the site of grace enter the manor grounds. Follow the path northeast until you reach the first fountain. Go left here so you are heading up the northwest path behind the fountain. Follow this path up to the building at the end and go inside it.

Inside this building go up the stairs to reach the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace. Sit here. Leave and head out the door on east. We are on the manors ramparts now. Run forward to the first tower and take a left. Walk forward to the next tower and take a right. Continue on this path until you see a roof below you. Jump down onto this roof.

On top of the roof head north and drop down onto the next roof below. There is a hole here with a ladder. Go down the ladder to reach the room below. Inside of this room is a treasure chest. Open the chest to receive the Sword of Night and Flame.

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