Dying Light 2 History Lesson Guide

Dying Light 2 History Lesson is a side quest players can complete from an NPC in the Trinity territory. This quest tasks players with investigating the nearby square. Investigating this location will reward you with a decent weapon for your efforts. To learn how to complete this side quest see HTR’s Dying Light 2 History Lesson guide below.

Where to Start History Lesson Side Quest

Image showing the History Lesson side quest in Dying Light 2.

The History Lesson side quest is located in the territory of Trinity. Head to the southwest edge and go to the Rooftop School Settlement. Inside this building you will encounter a history teacher named Henkel. Speak to Henkel to receive the request to light candles in the memorial square. This starts the side quest History Lesson.

Investigate Memorial Square

Leave the school and head to the southeast into Houndfield. At the map marker you will find Memorial Square. At the square Henkel your objective will update and you will need to investigate the memorial site. This part has two steps:

  1. Use Survivor Sense to highlight two interactable plaques on the memorial. Interact with them both.
  2. Investigate the tree to the west of the memorial. Use survivor sense to highlight it.

Once both spots have been investigated you learn what happened here. You will then get an objective to light a candle on the memorial. Light the candle at the spot marked. After the candle is lit you will complete the request and will receive your reward of the Survivor’s Trinket.

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