Dying Light 2 All Hallows Eve Seasonal Event Guide

Dying Light 2 All Hallows Eve Seasonal Event Guide

The first major seasonal event is now upon us in Dying Light 2. This event is centered around Halloween and it features both individual and community challenges players can complete to earn some in-game rewards. To help you navigate this new event see our Dying Light 2 All Hallows Eve seasonal event guide below.

UPDATE: This event is no longer active. The next special event was Hunting Sargeant Ryan.

What is the All Hallows’ Eve Seasonal Event?

All Hallows’ Eve is a special in-game event in Dying Light 2. This event is active from October 25th – November 4the at 16:00 CEST. While the in-game event is active, players can find special Treats around the world. These Treats can then be trade to a new vendor called Baka who gives players potions that trigger special in-game effects such as the ability to jump higher.

Where to Find the Baka The Unfortunate Vendor?

Once you’ve downloaded the update associated with this event you should login to your game. At this point your first order of business is to find the new vendor called Baka. Baka will be marked on your map in-game, but if not you can find him at the Bazar in Trinity. He is located on the southside of the Bazar in the outside area. He is hanging in a cage on the wall. See this video for the exact location. When you find Baka approach and speak to him to learn about the event.

How to Get Treats and What to Do With Them

Image showing how to get Treats in Dying Light 2.
Search defeated enemies to find Treats.

Treats are the main focus of this event. Treats are a special currency that you will find on infected while the event is active. When you defeat enemies including the new Volatiles: Pumpkintiles and Pumpkintile Tyrants you can find Treats on their bodies when your search them. The normal volatiles give out the least amount of Treats while the tougher and more special volatiles reward players reward players with more.

Image showing the items for sale in Baka's shop in Dying Light 2.
Baka sells different items for Treats.

These Treats can be used in Baka’s shop on the Vendor tab. Here you can spend Treats to purchase special All Hallows’ Eve Masks, and Potions that change gameplay. The costs of the items for sale at Baka’s shop are as follows:

ItemCost (in Treats)
All Hallows’ Eve Masks (Unique).2300.
All Hallows’ Eve Greater Masks (Legendary).2500.
Trick-or-Treat Packs #1-5 (Legendary).300.

You need to level up your Ranking to purchase some of the items listed above. To do this you need to complete the special bounties offered by Baka on the Bounty screen. These bounties are split into daily and weekly types and include a mixture of solo and multiplayer objectives. Completing these bounties earns you RP.

Seasonal Event Objectives

Image showing the Dying Light 2 All Hallows' Eve seasonal event objectives.

Like other events in Dying Light and Dying Light 2 there are certain objectives you want to complete to earn the special event rewards. The objectives for this event center around collecting treats. There are both individual and community objectives:

Individual Objectives

  • Collect Treats – Reward: Trick-or-Treat Potions Pack.
  • Collect 6,000 Treats – Reward: Jack’O Mask.

Global Objective

  • Collect 150,000,000 Treats – Reward: Dying Laugh Charm.

You can track your objective progress through the Chapters tab when you press start. You will see a Community Event tile on the left side of the screen under Active Bounties. Here you can see both how you are doing individually and how the community is doing. Additionally progress will appear on your HUD when you collect Treats.

The participation and personal objective rewards appear in your in-game stash upon completing those objectives. The community reward (when it is unlocked) must be claimed through the TechlandGG website from the Events tab.

Thoughts on our Dying Light 2 All Hallows Eve seasonal event guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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