Dying Light 2 Hunting Sergeant Ryan Guide

Dying Light 2 Hunting Sergeant Ryan

It’s the season for events and Dying Light 2 is no exception. There is a new event running in the game that tasks players with hunting down a special Demolisher named Sergeant Ryan. This event features a number of unlockable rewards for taking part in. To help you learn more about it here’s HTR’s complete Dying Light 2 Hunting Sergeant Ryan guide.

UPDATE: This event is no longer active. The next special event was Bloody Anniversary.

What is the Hunting Sergeant Ryan Event?

The Hunting Sergeant Ryan event is a special, limited time event, that players can take part in while active. This event starts on December 14th and runs until December 21st at 16:00 CET. While the event is active players can fight a special, tougher, Demolisher named Sergeant Ryan for certain event rewards.

Where to Find Shen Xiu

Shen Xiu map location.
Go to this spot on your map to find Shen Xiu.

This special event is run through the NPC named Shen Xiu. Shen Xiu is a Huntress who tasks you with completing special activities each day and week. This NPC is located in the Huntress’s Camp in the Garrison named location. Go to the map location shown above to find her. Speak to her and she will explain what she does. After this she unlocks as a Bounty giver and Vendor.

Where to Find Sergeant Ryan

Steps to fight Sergeant Ryan in Dying Light 2.
Event steps.

To hunt down Sergeant Ryan you need to complete a few steps. These steps are fairly simple to complete. They are listed on the Techlandgg website, but I list them below for your convenience as well:

  1. Buy Mission ticket from Shen Xiu.
  2. Start a Chapter 2 mission and hunt down Sergeant Ryan.
  3. Receive rewards and find them in your in-game stash.

In order to buy a ticket from Shen Xiu you need to be at least Agent Rank 2. This means you will need to complete Bounties to earn XP if you haven’t done so already.

Seasonal Event Objectives

Hunting Sergeant Ryan event challenges Dying Light.
Event challenges.

Like other events in Dying Light and Dying Light 2 there are certain objectives you want to complete to earn the special event rewards. The objectives for this event center around how many times you defeat Sergeant Ryan. There are both individual and community objectives:

Individual Objectives

  • Kill Sergeant Ryan once to receive a Hunter’s Token.
  • Kill Sergeant Ryan 3 times to receive the RebarBar weapon.

Global Objective

  • Kill Sergeant Ryan 500,000 times to receive the Avocado Charm and 3x Hunter’s Token.
  • Every 50k kills above the global goal (500k) gives you +1 Hunter’s Token (max of 3+ rewarded).

You can track your objective progress through the Chapters tab when you press start. You will see a Community Event tile on the left side of the screen under Active Bounties. Here you can see both how you are doing individually and how the community is doing. Additionally progress will appear on your HUD when you complete objectives.

The participation and personal objective rewards appear in your in-game stash upon completing those objectives. The community reward (when it is unlocked) must be claimed through the TechlandGG website from the Events tab. Be sure you have an account and have linked it to your gaming platform for it to work.

Thoughts on our Dying Light 2 Hunting Sergeant Ryan seasonal event guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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