Drowning Cross Guide

Drowning Cross is a new free-to-play title you can pick up on Steam. This title tasks you with discovering what happened to your boyfriend. To help you solve this mystery, use our Drowning Cross guide below.

Container Area

Image showing the Container Area in Drowning Cross.

When you start the game you will come to in the Container Area next to Jack. In this area you want to grab the Big Wrench on the wall behind you. Then tell Jack “I’ll just put it back in the toolbox.” This adds it to your inventory. Do this and then head to the Construction Site.

Construction Site

Image showing the Construction Site walkthrough.

Nothing really to do here, you can interact with the Building and the Crane if you want, but our prime focus is to head to Hill Path. Before entering the Hill Path, grab the Rope on the fence.

Hill Path

Image showing the Hill Path.

Walk down the Hill Path until your reach Leo’s Car. Interact with the car and check the back of it. Take the Speakers. Leave and head to the City.

Home & Apartment

In the City you will only have one location unlocked which is Home. Go to your Home and make your way inside it (click on Apartment). Inside the apartment there are number of things to collect:

  1. Interact with the Wet Trousers to get Leo’s Locker Key.
  2. Grab Jeremy’s Phone off the desk.
  3. Interact with the Computer if you want.
  4. Grab the White Socks.
  5. Use Jeremy’s Phone on Picture to get the Photo of Leo & Jeremy.
  6. Interact with Leo’s Wallet to unlock new location, Bar.

Once you’ve done everything listed above. Exit the Apartment and return to the City. Go to the Bar.

Bar Exterior

Bar exterior walkthrough image.

At the Bar there is an exterior and interior area. In the exterior area there is a Bouncer. Talk to the Bouncer about looking for Leo. After speaking with him, show the Bouncer the Photo of Leo & Jeremy to have him let you inside.

Bar Interior

Image showing the Bar Interior in Drowning Cross.

Inside the bar there are a number of things for us to do. Each thing will unlock something useful for advancing the storyline. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Speak to the Woman and ask the following: “I’m looking for Leo”, “Where did Leo go to grab a bite?”. This unlocks the Fast Food Place location.
  2. Grab a Free Lighter off the bar.
  3. Interact with the Drinks Overview to get the Thinkin’ ’bout Cocktails item.
  4. Use the Thinkin’ ’bout Cocktails item on the Woman. Have her make the drink. She will turn her back to the employee locker area.
  5. Before entering the employee locker area, grab the Piece of Piping on the ground.
  6. Open the locker with Leo’s Locker Key, then use your phone on the picture. This gets you the Leo’s Mom & Cross thought.

Exit the Bar and head to the City, then go to Home.

Home Exterior

Outside you Apartment there is an Old Woman sitting on a bench. Show the Old Woman the Leo’s Mom & Cross thought. Doing this unlocks the Old House location. Go there now.

Old House Exterior

Image showing the Old House Exterior.

At the Old House you will arrive outside of it. Use your Big Wrench on the plank to acquire the Plank. Once you have the Plank turn your attention to the locked door. To open it use the Piece of Piping and Big Wrench. Go inside.

Old House Interior

Image showing the Old House interior.

Inside the Old House there is one major item we want to grab. Interact with the Paper Stack three times to get Newspaper and Obituary. You also need to interact with the Scribbles to learn about the forest nearby. Leave the Old House and go to the Fast Food Place.

Fast Food Place

Image showing the Fast Food Place.

At the Fast Food Place grab the Cup on the booth to the right. Show the Photo of Leo & Jeremy to the Woman. Say “You’ve seen him twice?” Then say, “Did he say anything weird?” Then say, “Who’s the person he asked you to find online?” This unlocks the Jefferson Sinclaire thought. Take the Jefferson Sinclaire thought to your Apartment and use it on the Computer to unlock the Church location. Go there now.


Image showing the Church.

Walk through the Church Park and go inside the Church. Show the Obituary to Sinclaire. He will get mad and ask you to leave. Leave the Church and interact with the Teenager on the Bench. Give him the Bluetooth Speakers then go back inside the Church. The speakers make the noise increase causing Sinclaire to leave. Use the Big Wrench on the locked door to the left. Go inside, interact with the Cupboard to get the Statue. Leave the Church and head to the Old House.

Old House

Image showing the Forest location in Drowning Cross.

To the right of the Old House there is a Forest. Enter the Forest.


Image of the Forest in Drowning Cross.

Inside this Forest you need to complete a bit of a puzzle. Basically you need to mark your path with socks. The correct sequence is Sock on Broken Branch (UP), Sock on Pole (UP), and Sock on Pole ( BOTTOM RIGHT). Do this and you will reach the Cross.


Before doing anything here, use your Cup to grab some Water. Once you’ve done this, place the Statue on the Cross and enter the portal. Leave the portal room and enter the Bone Forest.

Bone Plateau

Image showing the Bone Forest Well.

In the Bone Plateau there is a Well. Use your Plank and Rope on the well to descend down it to the Sea of Tears.

Sea of Tears

Image showing the Sea of Tears.
Image showing the Sea of Tears.

When you climb down the well you will reach the Sea of Tears. This area features a Ghost. To get past the Ghost, use your Water on the Lamp. This creates another shadow covered area you can hide in. Pass through the shadow area when the ghost has its back to you. Make your way down to the sea and grab some water. Return to the Bone Forest. In the Bone Forest head right to reach the Bridge.


Image of the Bridge puzzle in Drowning Cross.

On the Bridge you need to solve a puzzle. Luckily we’ve done all the leg work already. Here we need to place Newspaper in the red bowl and light it on fire with the Lighter. Once that is done, place the Water in the blue bowl. This causes the statue to cry on the flames and a platform appears, allowing us to reach the Tower.


Image of the Tower in Drowning Cross.

Walk through the Tower until you reach a room with Leo. This will cause you to teleport to a memory. Once the memory is completed, you unlock the What Happened? thought. This thought needs to be taken all the way back to the Container Area at the start of the game. Use the thought on Jack to learn about what happened then return to the Tower.

After speaking with Jack you will learn what happened. Return to Leo and the memory will be different. When speaking to Leo in the memory, select the following:

  • “I guess these folks often f*ck up their messaging, pushing people away.”
  • “Yo, come on, have a beer, you cute lil’ pussy boy.”

Once this sequence is complete, Leo will wake up. There are two possible endings you can get from here(Bad + Good).

Bad Ending

Image showing the Bad Ending in Drowning Cross.

Take Leo into the next room. Here he is greeted by his mother. She wants him to come with her. Say nothing and let Leo leave. This triggers the bad ending.

Good Ending

Image showing the Good Ending in Drowning Cross.

When Leo wakes up, talk to him until he becomes slightly less translucent. Leave the chamber and go out to the Bridge. Use the Leo thought on the Statue to learn about it. This will turn Leo back to normal. Go into the Tower and make your way to the final room with Leo’s mother in it. During this sequence tell Leo to stay and he will. Once the sequence is over, return to the Portal and leave.

Image of the dream bed in Drowning Cross.

Upon entering the Portal Jeremy will leave, but Leo will not. Go back through the Portal and Leo will tell you to find a new way out. To do this return to the room with the bed in it. Use the Leo thought on the bed to trigger three memories:

  • The first memory consists of Leo and Jeremy in the Church’s Park. Complete the memory by using your Phone to take a photo.
  • In the next memory you are inside the Fast Food Place. Show Leo the Photo. This will take you to the final memory.
  • The last memory has you inside a dark room with Leo. In this room you need to interact with Leo. Once you interact with him talk to him about how dark the place is. This will unlock the location Bridge.

Leave the Tower and Portal back to the City. Head to the Bridge.


Image of the Bridge in Drowning Cross.

On the Bridge make you way down to the Door near the bottom of your screen. Go inside and speak to Leo. This will trigger the game’s good ending. Congrats!

That concludes our Drowning Cross guide. Hopefully you find its content useful. As always if there are any mistakes or changes you feel would help make the guide more useful, let me hear them!

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