Drowning Cross Endings Guide

Drowning Cross is a fun little free to play title you can pick up on Steam. This point and click adventure tasks you with finding out what happened to you boyfriend. Like any good titles in this genre the game features both a bad and good ending. Below is our Drowning Cross endings guide.

This guide picks up at the Tower. If you are having trouble reaching this end location, check out our complete guide to Drowning Cross here.


Image of the Tower in Drowning Cross.

Reach the Tower and walk through the Door into the room with Leo in it. When you enter this room you will teleport to a memory. Once the memory is completed, you unlock the What Happened? thought. This thought needs to be taken all the way back to the Container Area at the start of the game. Use the thought on Jack to learn about what happened then return to the Tower.

After speaking with Jack you will learn what happened in the memory. Return to Leo and the memory will be different. When speaking in the memory, select the following options:

  • “I guess these folks often f*ck up their messaging, pushing people away.”
  • “Yo, come on, have a beer, you cute lil’ pussy boy.”

Once this sequence is complete, Leo will wake up. There are two possible endings you can get from here (Bad + Good). I highly recommend making a save now if you wish to experience both.

Bad Ending

Image showing the Bad Ending in Drowning Cross.

Take Leo into the next room (up from the bed). Here he is greeted by his mother. She wants him to come with her. Say nothing and let Leo leave. This triggers the bad ending.

Good Ending

Image showing the Good Ending in Drowning Cross.

When Leo wakes up, talk to him until he becomes slightly less translucent. Leave the chamber and go out to the Bridge. Use the Leo thought on the Statue to learn about it. This will turn Leo back to normal. Go into the Tower and make your way to the final room with Leo’s mother in it. During this sequence tell Leo to stay and he will. Once the sequence is over, return to the Portal and leave.

Image of the dream bed in Drowning Cross.

Upon entering the Portal Jeremy will leave, but Leo will not. Go back through the Portal and Leo will tell you to find a new way out. To do this return to the room with the bed in it. Use the Leo thought on the bed to trigger three memories:

  • The first memory consists of Leo and Jeremy in the Church’s Park. Complete the memory by using your Phone to take a photo.
  • In the next memory you are inside the Fast Food Place. Show Leo the Photo. This will take you to the final memory.
  • The last memory has you inside a dark room with Leo. In this room you need to interact with Leo. Once you interact with him talk to him about how dark the place is. This will unlock the location Bridge.

Leave the Tower and Portal back to the City. Head to the Bridge.


Image of the Bridge in Drowning Cross.

On the Bridge make you way down to the Door near the bottom of your screen. Go inside and speak to Leo. This will trigger the game’s good ending. Congrats!

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