Drowning Cross Achievements Guide

Drowning Cross is a new, free to play title out of origamihero games that you can pick up on Steam. In this game you play as a man who is tasked with finding his boyfriend before the night is over. While you attempt this search you can earn a number of achievements. To get them all use our Drowning Cross achievements guide below. (Guide Status: 12/12)

There are a total of 12 achievements to collect. Guide is in chronological achievement unlock order.

Tidy Boy

Image showing the Tidy Boy achievement in Drowning Cross.

Achievement Description: “Yeah, clean up after your colleagues! They’ll appreciate it for sure, right?”

You can get the Tidy Boy achievement in the Container Area (starting scene). Behind Jeremy on the wall is a Big Wrench. Interact with the Big Wrench and Jack will ask you what you are doing with it. Tell him you will put it back into the toolbox. This unlocks the achievement.

A Good Boy

Image showing the A Good Boy achievement in Drowning Cross.

Achievement Description: “That dog sure is a good boy!”

In front of your apartment building there is a Tiny Dog and and Old Woman. Talk to the Tind Dog to get the A Good Boy achievement.

Browser History

Image showing the Browser History achievement in Drowning Cross.

Achievement Description: “Now you know what your BF is googlin’ when you’re not lookin’.”

Use the computer in your apartment to learn about what Leo was looking for. This unlocks the Browser History achievement.

Smartphone Not Smart

Image showing the Smartphone Not Smart achievement in Drowning Cross.

Achievement Description: “Yeah, those things aren’t so smart without a data plan. But nice try.”

After you learn about Jefferson Sinclaire (the priest), try to use your phone on his face in the Inventory. Doing this unlocks the Smartphone Not Smart achievement.

Sock Loser

Image showing the Sock Loser achievement in Drowning Cross.

Achievement Description: “You’ll figure it out eventually!”

In the Forest you need to use your socks to mark you path. Mark the path 10 times, but fail to fin the correct path to get the Sock Loser achievement.

Wrong Kind of Water

Image showing the Wrong Kind of Water achievement in Drowning Cross.

Achievement Description: “Nice thinking, but you’ll need crying-related water.”

When you are headed towards the tower there is a large statue of a man holding two bowls. Grab some water from the church’s pond (using the cup from the burger joint) and dump the water into the bowl to get this achievement.

Guillotine Time

Image showing the Guillotine Time achievement.

Achievement Description: “Those things are kinda scary, actually.”

After you’ve reached the Tower and spoken with the Foreman in the Container Area (with the new information you’ve gathered via the cutscene), return to the tower and activate the cutscene again. This time there will be new choices. Select “Let’s take back the means of production! Huzzah!”

Bad Ending

Image showing the Bad Ending in Drowning Cross.

Achievement Description: “Yep, it’s the bad one. Congrats!”

In the Tower when Leo is speaking with his mother he will have a choice to make. Choose the say nothing option to have him leave. This unlocks the bad ending.

Only in Your MIIIND

Image showing the only in your miiind achievement.

Achievement Description: “Not funny.”

During the first memory of the good ending (you and Leo on the Church bench), talk to Leo until he disappears. This will unlock the Only in Your MIIIND achievement.

Tidy Boy Ex

Image showing the Tidy Boy EX achievement.

Achievement Description: “The trees thank you for recycling by rustling their leaves excitedly.”

To unlock this achievement you need to collect and recycle three cans. These cans can be found in the following locations:

  • In garbage can in front of Bar.
  • In water to the right of the Cross in the Forest. Use Big Wrench to grab.
  • Last can is found beside the backpack during the Bridge Memory of the Good Ending.

Once you have all three cans collected, return to the recycler in front of the bar. Use the machine to get the achievement and a Fiver. This item is used for Giver of Tips achievement.

Giver of Tips

Image showing the Giver of Tips achievement.

Achievement Description: “The service industry employees say ‘thanks’!”

Complete the Tidy Boy Ex achievement so you have the Fiver item. Go into the bar and give the Fiver to the Woman. This will unlock the Giver of Tips.

Good Ending

Image showing the good ending in Drowning Cross.

Achievement Description: “Now that’s more like it!”

There are two possible endings for players to unlock in Drowning Cross. To unlock the Good Ending achievement you need to unlock the game’s good ending. I have written a guide on how to access the game’s different endings right here.

That’s all the achievements in Drowning Cross. Hopefully you find this Drowning Cross achievement guide useful. Drop any comments you have down below.

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