Devil May Cry 5 Mission 02 Collectibles Locations

Blue Orb Fragment 3 House Along Road
When you reach the outside area of this mission, look for this hole. Inside is the fragment.

Mission 02 in Devil May Cry 5 is the first real mission you will undertake. There are a number of collectibles to find in this mission. This guide will show you the Mission 02 collectibles locations.

Mission 02 Collectibles:

  • 6x Blue Orbs can be bought from shop (purchasable at any point during your playthrough).
  • 3x Blue Orb Fragments.

6x Blue Orbs in Shop

6x Blue Orbs in Shop Devil May Cry 5
There are six Blue Orbs for sale in the shop.

When you start Mission 02, you will be introduced to the shop. In the shop you can purchase a number of things using Red Orbs. One of the things you can purchase is Blue Orbs (under the shop’s Items tab). You can purchase a total of six Blue Orbs from the shop. The price goes up each purchase:

  • Orb 1: 1500 Red Orbs
  • Orb 2: 3500 Red Orbs
  • Orb 3: 6000 Red Orbs
  • Orb 4: 9000 Red Orbs
  • Orb 5: 18000 Red Orbs
  • Orb 6: 40000 Red Orbs

These Blue Orbs can be purchased at any time during you playthrough. So don’t worry if you don’t have the Red Orbs to buy them all at once.

Blue Orb Fragment 1: Hole in Floor Secret Room

To get this Blue Fragment Orb make your way to the room with the second Nidhogg Hatchling. Once you grab it, a bunch of scythe wielding enemies will appear. Go into the room nearby and get the enemies to break a hole in the floor. Drop down the hole to get the first Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 2: Complete Secret Mission

Make your way deeper into the level until you reach a room with strange marking on the wall around a door (if you have the tutorial tips on it will mention Secret Missions). To access this Secret Mission, stand on the glowing red dot beside the bed. Lineup your camera with the mark by the door to gain access to the Secret Mission. Complete the Secret Mission of killing all enemies within a minute thirty to get the Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 3: House Along Road

Blue Orb Fragment 3 House Along Road
When you reach the outside area of this mission, look for this hole. Inside is the fragment.

The final Blue Orb Fragment can be found in a house along the road by the Nidhogg gate outside. Jump onto the ledge below with the Devil Breaker on it then jump up through the hole in the house’s wall. Inside the house is the Blue Orb Fragment.

That’s all the collectibles in Mission 02 of Devil May Cry 5. Keep it locked here as we go over each and every mission in the game.

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