Devil May Cry 5 Mission 01 Collectible Location

Blue Orbs are collectibles you can find scattered around the levels of Devil May Cry 5. Collecting Blue Orbs improves your health. This post will show you Mission 01 collectible location in Devil May Cry 5.

Mission 01 Collectible:

  • 1 Blue Orb Fragment.

Mission 01 Blue Orb Fragment Location

Blue Orb Fragment in Mission 01 Devil May Cry 5
Beneath the bridge you drop down from is the Blue Orb fragment.

There is only one Blue Orb Fragment (and collectible for that matter) to find in Mission 01. The Blue Orb Fragment can be found about halfway through the mission. Make your way through the level until you reach the broken bridge. There will be a brief cutscene with an enemy Red Empusa. After the cutscene drop down onto the crate below. Turn around and look below the bridge to the left to find the Blue Orb Fragment.

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