Destiny 2: Shadowkeep The Deepening Wake Guide

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There is a new mission available to players of Destiny 2 called The Deepening Wake. This mission must be completed to unlock the new Dungeon called Pit of Heresy. To help you complete this mission consult our The Deepening Wake guide below.

How to Complete The Deepening Wake

Image showing The Deepening Wake quest.

Make your way to Eris Morn in Sanctuary on The Moon. Speak to her and get the Memory of Eriana-3 and the new mission called The Deepening Wake. Once you have The Deepening Wake you will get your first objectives: Open Tier III+ Chest at the Altar of Sorrow and Defeat Nightmares at the Altars of Sorrow. Note the Altar of Sorrow can be found in Sorrow’s Harbor so head there now.

Open Tier III+ Chest at the Altar of Sorrow

Image showing a Tier III+ Chest at the Altar of Sorrow.

Note: Completing this objective largely comes down to having a group or active lobby to do the event. Doing it solo, or attempting it solo will be difficult.

This objective requires completing a new sort of Public Event that now happens in Sorrow’s Harbor. The Altars that have been summoning Nightmare enemies are part of this event. When you go to Sorrow’s Harbor you will notices these Altars are now active. Out of these Altars comes enemies. Killing normal enemeis will add 1+ Second to your timer. Killing Nightmare enemies adds 10+ Seconds to your timer.

This event has different unlockable Tiers (up to V) for completing objectives. Each tier involves defeating a certain number of Nigthmares then Wizards. Once you complete a Tier the next Tier will start. Reach Tier III and let the event end (or continue to V) to spawn a Tier III+ chest at the event’s ending. Open it to complete this objective.

Defeat Nightmares at the Altars of Sorrows (20)

Image showing a Nightmare Ogre in Sorrow's Harbor.

Note: There is a Weekly Challenge that can be completed alongside this objective (kill 30 Nightmare’s in Sorrow’s Harbor).

Out of the active Altars in Sorrow’s Harbor streams a number of Nightmares. Defeat 20 of these Nightmares to complete this objective. Note that the lower Tiers are easier to defeat alone than the upper ones. With that said once you join the event it Nightmare kills are added fairly quickly. Once you’ve completed both of these objectives, return to Eris Morn.

Pit of Heresy (Dungeon)

Image showing the Pit of Heresy entrance.

When you return to Eris Morn she will tell you to look for Pit of Heresy entrance in Sorrow’s Harbor. This new Dungeon will be added to your map. The Pit of Heresy Dungeon has a recommended power level of 940. Completing it will earn you a piece of Pinnacle Gear. Good luck.

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