Destiny 2: How to Get The Fourth Horseman Catalyst

The Fourth Horseman is a new exotic Shotgun that was released during Destiny 2‘s Season of Worthy. This exotic shotgun can be acquired by completing a specific exotic quest from Zavala called In Rides a Pale Horse. Once this quest is complete you will receive this weapon. Like other exotics in the game you can improve its power by acquiring its catalyst. Continue reading below to learn how to get The Fourth Horseman catalyst.

Where to get The Fourth Horseman Catalyst

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The Fourth Horseman Catalyst can be acquired from a few types of events. Like other catalysts the drop chance is random, meaning some may get it quicker than others. The events you should be focusing your time on are:

  1. Seraph Towers (Public Events).
  2. Daily Bunker Busters.
  3. Legendary Lost Sectors.

If you are looking to farm this catalyst you will want to run the missions and events listed above. Again do to the randomness of the drop it may take you a while or no time at all to acquire. Once acquired you will need to get 400 Kills to complete it. When The Fourth Horseman catalyst is equipped to the gun it adds a new Perk to the gun called And it’s Name was Death. This perk grants an additional round of ammo and improved reload speed.

That’s all you need to know to get The Fourth Horseman catalyst for yourself. Whether or not the grind for this enhancer is worth the effort is largely up to you. Let me know your thoughts this weapon in the comments below.

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