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In the new Destiny 2 season there is a new exotic quest called In Rides a Pale Horse. This exotic quest is given to you by Zavala who wants you to access a vault. To help you complete this exotic quest and get the weapon use our In Rides a Pale Horse guide below.

Important: This quest relies on completing a specific Legendary Lost Sector (so may not be available each day). Also note Legendary Lost Sectors are suggested 1000 Power Level.

How to Start In Rides a Pale Horse?

Image showing how to start the In Rides a Pale Horse exotic quest.

To start this new exotic quest make your way to Zavala on the Tower. Speak to Zavala to and accept the In Rides a Pale Horse mission to receive the first quest step called Enter the Vault. This quest step requires you to enter a vault through a secret entrance inside Zavala’s office on the Tower.

How to Enter the Vault?

Image showing the map location of Zavala's Office.
Image showing how to enter the Vault.

To reach the Vault head down to Zavala’s Office in the Tower. Go down the stairs on the right side of the office (when facing the desk) to reach the Vault. You won’t be able to access it so instead turn and face the stairs you came down. To the left of the stairs there is a little hole you can crouch and enter. Go into the hole and complete the platforming sequence to reach the Vault. Inside the Vault interact with the Empty Weapon Crate to trigger the next quest step which is called Missing in Action.

Return to Zavala and Tell Him About the Missing Gun

To complete the Missing in Action quest step return to Zavala and speak to him about the missing weapon. The only people who should be able to access the Vault are Vanguards. This means someone broke in under Zavala’s nose. To rectify this Zavala wants you to go to Mars to see Ana about some BrayTech equipment. This starts the Fresh Lead quest step.

Speak to Ana on Mars

Head to Mars and land in the BrayTech Futurescap area. Head north to reach Ana. Speak to Ana about the vault and she will mention knowing who she thinks is responsible for the theft. After this interaction you will receive the On the Hunt quest step.

How to Collect Intel For Ana?

Once you’ve gotten the On the Hunt quest step you will be tasked with collecting intel for Ana. To collect intel you can do any of the following:

  1. Defeat Cabal.
  2. Complete Public Events on Mars.

If you wish to be really efficient complete a mixture of both. Ideally complete the Escalation Protocol since each round counts as 10%. If there is any downtime between Public Events, kill some Cabal. When you’ve completed the requirements you will need to return to Ana. Ana will give you the next quest step called In the Shadows.

How to Gather Heist Data?

Image showing a Psion in Destiny 2.

Gathering Heist Data works similar to the intel we gathered. You have a couple of options fto complete this side quest including the following:

  1. Defeat Psion (Cabal).
  2. Open Cabal Chests.

To easily complete this quest step head to the EDZ and go to the Hades Firebase area. Here you will find a number of Psion and Cabla chests. Defeat the Psions and loots the chests to gather the Heist Data. After the Heist Data is collected you will receive your next quest step which is to visit Benedict on the Tower.

Speak to Benedict 99-40 to Start Diry Work

Head to the Tower and speak to Benedict 99-40. When you speak to Benedict 99-40 he will give you a new quest step called Dirty Work. This quest step involves heading to the EDZ to complete any of the following:

  1. Defeat combatants.
  2. Complete Public Events.
  3. Complete Patrols.

Do any of the above listed events until you complete the objective. Once the Dirty Work objective is completed you will receive the Rein it In objective. This quest step is to return to Benedict on the Tower. Do this now.

Speak to Benedict 99-40 Again to Start Lost and Found

Image showing the reward for completing the Lost Sector Quarry.

Note: To access the daily Lost Sector you need to complete the daily Bunker Buster mission.

When you return and speak with Benedict 99-40 he will tell you that the weapon has been located. To find the weapon you need to make your way to the Quarry Lost Sector (Legendary) on the EDZ. This starts the Lost and Found quest step.

To complete this final step you need to finish the Quarry Lost Sector (Legendary). This Lost Sector is geared towards Power Level 1000 players. With that said it is possible to grind your way through the level if you are underlevelled. When you finish the Lost Sector you will receive The Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun as your reward.

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