Destiny 2: Bunker Buster Guide

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During the course of Destiny 2‘s Season of the Worthy there is a daily mission you can complete inside the bunker called Bunker Buster. This daily mission must be completed to re-link Rasputin to the bunker allowing you to access the daily Legendary Lost Sector. To help you complete this daily mission check out our Bunker Buster guide below.

Where to Start the Bunker Buster Mission?

Image showing where to start the Daily Bunker Buster mission in Destiny 2.

To access the Daily Bunker Buster mission make your way to the Bunker in the EDZ. When the Bunker Buster mission is active you will see an icon on your map. Head inside the bunker and go to the locked door next to the Rasputin terminal. Interact with this locked door to start the Daily Bunker Buster mission.

How to Reach the Control Room

Image showing how to reach the Control Room in the Bunker Buster mission.

When you enter the bunker with the Daily Bunker Buster mission active you will receive the objective to reach the Control Room. The Control Room is the room you will access at the very end of the level (has the boss inside it). To reach the Control follow the linear path through the bunker. Along the way you will encounter various enemies with two in particular being a pain to fight:

  1. How to kill the Overload Captain: The Overload Captain is an enemy type that you encounter as you progress through the bunker. This enemy regenerates health unless you use Overload Rounds (Weapon Mod unlocked via Seasonal Artifact).
  2. How to kill the Barrier Servitor: Two Barrier Servitors will spawn into the Control Room alongside the boss. Like the Overload Captain you need to use a weapon mod to defeat these enemies. The Weapon Mod to use is called Anti-Barrier.

Once you reach the Control Room you will need to defeat the boss there. After this boss is defeated you will need to use the terminal to re-link Rasputin. Once Rasputin is re-linked you will gain access to the daily Legendary Lost Sector.

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