Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Hijacked Quest

After making it to the map in the Tree of Probabilities quest, we learned that we lacked the sufficient processing power to actually determine where Panoptes is located inside the Infinite Forest. To access the necessary processing power, we will need to scavenge a processor from Vex on Nessus. On Nessus we will complete the Hijacked quest which is part of the main storyline.

Accessing Hijacked Quest

The Hijacked quest is located on Nessus near the Artifact’s Edge Landing Zone. Make your way to the Curse of Osiris flag to trigger the start of this quest.

Getting the Vex Entangled Mind Core

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Hijacked Quest

The point of this mission is to gather a processor from an Entangled Mind Vex. To find the Entangled Mind, make your way to The Tangle area on Nessus and look for this building with Entangled Protectors and Goblins in front. Defeat the enemies and make your way inside. Follow the tunnel/hallway in this building and you will reach an area called The Mists. Head deeper into The Mists and you will come across multiple rooms full of Vex. Clear the Vex and continue deeper inside.

Eventually you will come to a room with the Entangled Mind inside. Clear the room of other enemies and deal damage to the Entangled Mind. After putting enough damage on the Entangled Mind it will disappear.

Continue heading deeper into The Mists until you eventually reach a room with a portal and a bunch of Goblins. You will face off against the Entangled Mind a second time in this room and will receive Vex Entangled Mind Core upon defeating it. Exit through the area through the portal. With the Vex Entangled Mind Core in hand, we can move on to the next portion of this quest.

Plugging in the Vex Entangled Mind Core

Make your way out of The Mists and head to the The Tangle. From The Tangle, head to the building called the Well of Echoes. Inside the Well of Echoes is a portal. Go through the portal to reach the room with the conflux. Enter the room with the conflux and activate the circle on the floor (you should know the drill by now lul). This will activate the conflux.

Once you’ve activated the conflux, a number of Goblins will spawn inside the room. Take them out and then head up. You will need to use the floating platforms to access the conflux in the centre of the room. These floating platforms appear as you make your way up. On the platform, activate the conflux to trigger a bunch of Vex. Defeat the Vex that appear and the conflux will reappear. Interact with the conflux to trigger the end of the Hijacked quest.


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