Dark Souls Top Ten Weapons

A Dark Souls screenshot.

The Soulsbourne series is known for having some very interesting designs. These designs can be seen in a bunch of different areas of the game including locations, enemies, weapons, and armor. This post looks at the Dark Souls top ten weapons by interesting design.

 10. Drake Sword

Dark Souls Dark Sword.
The Drake Sword.

I have one word for this sword. Controversial. In many Dark Souls circles this weapon is almost taboo. The reason for this is purely the weapon’s immense power and the fact you can snag this sword fairly early in the game.

Like many other weapons in the game this sword is obtained by the severing of the Red Drake’s tail within the Undead Parish. Once the tail is severed you receive is fairly interesting looking weapon. The design of the sword is dark and scaly, much like the dragon you defeated to get it.

9. Demon Great Machete

Dark Souls Demon Great Machete.
The Demon Great Machete.

Dark Souls does such a good job of creating comically over-sized weapons that are still practical, fun and functional. The Demon Machete is one of these over-sized weapons that I really like. Everything from the hook to the barbed hilt is fitting of a ‘demonic’ weapon. The weapon is an absolute beast, basically smashing anything that gets within range. Weapon text sums it up nicely, “The sword is imbued with no particular magic, but for those who have the strength, its great weight will smash foes mercilessly.”

8. Dark Silver Tracer

Dark Souls Dark Silver Tracer.
The Dark Silver Tracer.

The Dark Silver Tracer is the game’s highest dexterity and critical hit damage dagger. Aside from being a wicked blade, the dagger looks good. The design reminds me a bit of the tail of a stingray. I especially love the barbs on the blades edge. Couple the design with an auxiliary skill that stacks toxic on enemies and you have my number 8 weapon.

7. Bonewheel Shield

Dark Souls Bonewheel Shield.
Bonewheel Shield.

The first and only shield to be found on this list is the Bonewheel Shield. For anyone that has never played the game… This item sucks and here is why. Basically the enemies that wield the BS instantly turn sonic level speed, crashing into the player and shredding health. The area is notoriously bad. I love the design and the absurdity of this item. Basically just a cartwheel, but with spikes.

6. Dragon Bone Fist

Dark Souls Dragon Bone Fist.
Dragon Bone Fist.

The Dragon Bone Fist comes in at number 6 on the list. The weapon is a hunk of dragon bone that has been shaped into boxing gloves. The weapon design reminds me of the Hulk Gloves that were popular a few years ago. This weapon feels rudimentary and primitive and I like that. If you want to beat enemies to a pulp, this is the weapon for you.

5. Washing Pole

Dark Souls Washing Pole.
Washing Pole.

The only weapon sharing a spot both my Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 top ten weapon lists is the Washing Pole. Katana’s are interesting weapons and the Washing Pole takes things to a whole new level. The weapon is absurdly long, giving the player much needed reach. Design wise the blade is okay looking. I just love how long it is

4. Smough’s Hammer

Dark Souls Smough's Hammer.
Smough’s Hammer.

Yet another absurdly large weapon makes the list. This is my number four for two reasons. The first is just how insanely hard the Smough & Ornstein fight is. I can definitely concede that this was the hardest fight I ever experienced within the Soul’s series. Fighting different styles (O being fast, S being more slow but hard hitting) threw a whole different level of strategy into the game. The second reason I put the hammer at four, is the design. I love the over-sized nature of the weapon.

3. Moonlight Greatsword

Dark Souls Moonlight Greatsword.
Moonlight Greatsword.

Arguably one of the most well known weapons of the souls series if the Moonlight Greatsword. The sword appears in every soulsbourne game. In Dark Souls the design is much more muted in color, giving off a very faint green tinge as opposed to the full on green we saw in DkS 2.  As a greatsword, it has a very clean design and looks good with the gold accents.

2. Gravelord’s Sword

Dark Souls Gravelord's Sword.
Gravelord’s Sword.

I personally feel the Gravelord’s Sword is pretty Nito… Yeah, I went there. Anyways I love the sword design. From the hilt to the blade itself, the sword definitely embodies being a Gravelord Servant. Nothing says being the eternal servant of a gravelord quite like a sword made of bones.

1. Quelaag’s Furysword

Dark Souls Queelag's Fury.
Quelaag’s Furysword.

Finally we’ve made it to the end of the list. Number one has to be Quelaag’s Furysword. This sword holds heavy sentimental value to me as it was the first ‘boss’ weapon I ever crafted. Running a pyromancer build, this sword perfectly complimented my play style. Fire + Fire = more Fire. The boss fight is a serious trek, taking you to the bottom of the world and then putting you in a poison inflicting hell. Design wise, the sword looks like a spider’s leg and I like that.

What is your Dark Souls top ten weapons list? Let me hear it in the comments below.



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