Dark Souls 2: Top Ten Weapons

Now that I’ve laid out my selection of the top ten Dark Souls weapons, it’s time to delve into the realm of truly exceptional weapon design. Let me tell you, curating this list turned out to be a far greater challenge than I initially anticipated. Dark Souls 2 boasts a plethora of intriguing and one-of-a-kind weapon designs, and condensing them into a mere ten was a monumental task.

Before any of the die-hard fans start throwing stones, let me clarify that this list is primarily driven by aesthetics. While a few entries may touch upon other aspects, the main focus here is the visual appeal of these weapons. Stats and performance in PvP or against formidable foes like King Vendrick are secondary concerns in this particular exploration.

So, without further ado, let’s embark on this journey through the artistry and creativity behind Dark Souls 2’s most captivating weapon designs.

10. The Handmaiden’s Ladle

Image showing the Handmaiden's Ladle in Dark Souls 2.
The Handmaiden’s Ladle is an absurd weapon.

From Software has a knack for playfully challenging their players, often pushing the boundaries of absurdity in their game design. They’ve subjected gamers to everything from punishing levels of difficulty to the hidden challenges tied to items like the invisible weapons rings. Throughout their series, From Software has consistently woven these playful tricks into the gameplay experience. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy examples of this is the Handmaiden’s Ladle.

The description of the Handmaiden’s Ladle weapon itself is a testament to their wit: “An ordinary kitchen ladle. Choosing this as your weapon suggests you’re either in dire straits or possess an unusual sense of humor. If you value your life, it’s best left in the kitchen.” Functionally, the ladle inflicts a pitiful amount of damage and is essentially useless in combat. Nonetheless, a select few masochistic players have managed to complete entire runs of the game using only this ladle. It’s the sheer absurdity of this weapon that earns it a well-deserved spot at number 10 on my list.

9. Washing Pole

Image showing the Washing Pole weapon in Dark Souls 2.
The Washing Pole is a really long katana.

What’s even better than a standard katana? Well, an oversized one, of course! The Washing Pole made a significant impact on the PvP (Player vs. Player) scene, thanks to its remarkable combination of extended reach, high damage output, and swift attack speed. While its overall design might seem rather unremarkable, the standout feature of this weapon is its exceptionally long blade. When paired with Alonne’s armor (as seen in the picture), it creates an awe-inspiring combination.

The weapon’s description reads, “A katana of mysterious origin, crafted using a unique yet refined technique. Its extraordinarily long blade allows for striking from considerable distances, but its construction renders it exceedingly fragile.” Notably, this weapon successfully transitioned from Dark Souls to Dark Souls 2, a move that I wholeheartedly appreciate.

As you’ll notice throughout this list, I have a deep affinity for outrageously large weapons.

8. Ivory Straight Sword

Image showing the Ivory Straight Sword in Dark Souls 2.
The Ivory Straight Sword is like a lightsaber.

Do you recall when I mentioned my fondness for outrageously large weapons one paragraph earlier? Well, this particular entry doesn’t quite fit that description. At this point, you might be wondering, “Enrico, you seem to favor size, so why is this sword on your list?” I’m delighted you raised that question. The Ivory Straight Sword made its debut alongside the winter-themed Crown of the Ivory King DLC, and what sets it apart (and earns it a place on this list) is its striking resemblance to a lightsaber within the Dark Souls 2 universe.

When you wield this sword with the appropriate stats, certain attacks cause it to emit a beam of light that inflicts damage upon striking foes. Moreover, the hilt of the sword features a captivating design, resembling the craftsmanship of an elephant or rhino tusk. This hilt effectively reinforces the overarching “Ivory King” theme, making it an intriguing addition to the list.

7. Darkdrift

Image showing the Darkdrift sword in Dark Souls 2.
The Darkdrift blade features an invisible blade.

Up until this point, you might have found things rather uneventful. The weapons featured so far may not have piqued your interest, and you might be questioning their presence on this list. Allow me to shatter that perception, for I am about to introduce something truly mind-blowing. At number 7 on our list, we have another katana to showcase, and it’s nothing short of extraordinary. Darkdrift stands out for one compelling reason: its blade is translucent, becoming distinctly visible only in specific instances – when executing a particular action or positioning the camera at a precise angle. I personally find this design choice absolutely captivating.

The weapon’s description adds an extra layer of intrigue: “This katana was originally wielded by the one who first brought us death and still exists imperfectly between planes.” It’s the kind of description that ignites the inner nerd in me. From a visual standpoint, this katana is simply stunning. The intermittent glimpses of the blade contribute to the overall aesthetic and presentation of the weapon, making it a truly remarkable addition.

6. Gyrm Greataxe

Image showing the Gyrm Greataxe in Dark Souls 2.
The Gyrm Greataxe is a really big axe!

In the realm of formidable axes, the Gyrm Greataxe proudly takes the crown for being not only a powerhouse but also an embodiment of captivating design. This axe exudes an aura reminiscent of Middle Earth, evoking visions of a certain dwarf warrior named Gimli brandishing such a formidable weapon. The Gyrm Greataxe’s allure lies in its multifaceted uniqueness, leaving no stone unturned in its quest for intriguing aesthetics.

From its dual blades that add an element of flair to its character, to the striking gold accents that adorn it, every detail contributes to its allure. Even its imposing posture beckons further examination, inviting you to delve deeper into its intricacies. The description tells its own story: “A greataxe used by the nomadic Gyrm. At first glance, this greataxe appears crude, but with further examination, one sees the fine craftsmanship of Gyrm blacksmiths. Quite heavy for a human, but swung about with reckless abandon by the Gyrm.” So, go ahead, Bearer of the Curse, swing away and embrace the allure of this exceptional weapon.

5. Smelter Hammer

Image showing the Smelter Hammer in Dark Souls 2.
Let me use the Smelter Hammer like the degenerate I am.

In the vast world of absurdity and oversized weaponry, one contender reigns supreme as both the largest and most preposterous: the Smelter Hammer, affectionately nicknamed the “drumstick” by players in the know. This behemoth of a weapon sports an appearance that could generously be described as primitive, resembling something hewn from the very essence of raw, unrefined power.

Its description further underscores its unique charm: “A weapon wielded by the iron warriors that wander Brume Tower. It appears to have once been an axe, but in this terribly melted state, it is little more than a great lump that crushes its foes by virtue of its sheer weight.” When you first grasp the Smelter Hammer, you can’t help but be struck by its immense heft, making it one of the most gratifying weapons in the entire series.

While it may not win any beauty contests, this weapon essentially grants its wielder the power to channel their inner “Bam Bam” and unleash unbridled, bone-crushing force upon any foe daring enough to stand in their way.

4. Curved Nil Greatsword

Image showing the Curved Nil Greatsword in Dark Souls 2.
The Curved Nil Greatsword gets stronger the more you use it.

One more DLC weapon that I have a profound fondness for is the Nil Greatsword. What sets this sword apart is its distinctive move set, which deviates from the standard fare of curved greatswords. While the sword’s physical design is undoubtedly impressive, what truly captivates me is the ingenious game mechanic it embodies.

In the game’s lore, it’s described as follows: “A great curved sword with an ominous blade. One of the forbidden weapons sealed away by the Ivory King. Formed by rock, tree, and the remnants of a most peculiar soul. It is said that the farther the wielder travels, the deadlier the blade becomes.” To put it simply, this means that the weapon’s attack power increases with each playthrough the player completes, up to NG+9 (New Game Plus 9). This mechanic adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the gameplay, making it a weapon of choice for me.

3. Greatsword

Image showing the Greatsword being dual-wielded in Dark Souls 2.
The Greatsword is a truly great weapon.

As we ascend to the pinnacle of this list, the competition becomes fiercer, and the top three positions could easily swap places, a testament to the sheer brilliance of FromSoftware’s designers. Claiming the well-deserved third spot is none other than the Greatsword, though I can already sense a chorus of groans in protest.

But trust me, this weapon isn’t here just for its raw power; it’s a true masterpiece in design. The visual aesthetics of the Greatsword are nothing short of breathtaking, and in my book, it stands as the unrivaled champion of dual-wielding sets.

Now, let’s dive into its description, a passage that never fails to ignite my enthusiasm: “A straight sword with a very long blade. One of the rare ultra greatswords. No human was intended to wield a sword of this weight or destructiveness. Only a select few famed warriors have ever dared to wield this monumental blade, as it challenges the very limits of human capability.”

Just envision the notion of striding through a perilous world with a weapon that demands superhuman strength to master, and then imagine dual-wielding them. It’s a concept that’s nothing short of awe-inspiring, leaving me utterly captivated.

2. King’s Ultra Greatsword

Image showing the King's Ultra Greatsword in Dark Souls 2.
The King’s Ultra Greatsword is an amazing weapon.

Now, brace yourselves, for we’ve reached the apex of our list, and this is where the real battle begins. Determining the top two contenders was an agonizing task, as both of these weapons are nothing short of extraordinary. With that said, I’ve found myself quite at ease with granting the second spot to the King’s Ultra Greatsword (KUG), a weapon that exudes pure magnificence.

Carved from a material that bears an uncanny resemblance to wood, this blade is more than just a weapon; it’s a work of art. It bears the visage of a queen, and the mystery shrouding this image is nothing short of captivating: “Only the king knows whether the depiction of the Queen is a resentful mockery or an affectionate exaltation.”

But the intrigue doesn’t end there. The KUG comes with a built-in perk that’s worth its weight in gold: armor penetration. It’s an ultra greatsword forged from the soul of King Vendrick, and it inflicts substantial damage upon the armor of your adversaries.

Yet, the path to obtaining this formidable blade is a tale that tugs at the heartstrings. King Vendrick, once a great ruler, can be found wandering aimlessly within the bleak confines of the Undead Crypt, a shadow of his former self, hollowed by time and despair. Here, as a player, you’re faced with a somber choice: to engage in a poignant battle with the fallen king or to leave him be. It’s a moment of melancholy, but opting for the path of combat ultimately rewards you with a truly exceptional greatsword, making it a bittersweet yet compelling journey.

1.Fume Ultra Greatsword

Image showing the Fume Ultra Greatsword in Dark Souls 2.
My go-to weapon is the Fume Ultra Greatsword.

Oh, yes, another greatsword, you might think, but bear with me. The King’s Ultra Greatsword (KUG) used to be my weapon of choice in the base game. That is, until the Crown of the Ivory King DLC entered the scene. You see, one of the most exhilarating battles I’ve ever had in the Souls series took place during this DLC, and it involved none other than the formidable Fume Knight.

This relentless knight lay hidden within an icy tomb, serving as the guardian of the Crown of the Ivory King. What made this fight so enjoyable was the sheer level of difficulty it presented. It took me several attempts and numerous runs to finally vanquish this relentless foe, but the exhilaration that washed over me upon victory was beyond compare.

My reward for this arduous feat was the Fume Ultra Greatsword (FUG). Now, picture a weapon that resembles a piece of charred bacon, and you’ll understand why I immediately felt compelled to embark on a new game, determined to build my character around this remarkable blade.

What sets the FUG apart is not just its distinctive appearance, but also its exceptional design, versatile moveset, faint aura, and intriguing backstory. In fact, it’s this combination of factors that makes the Fume Ultra Greatsword my absolute favorite weapon in Dark Souls 2.

What are some of your favorite weapon in Dark Souls 2? Let me know in the commments below. 



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