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The first piece of Control DLC content is now available for players. This DLC content is a new story-line called The Foundation which features new abilities, enemies, and secrets to discover. To help you complete the first mission of this DLC use our The Foundation guide below.

How to Start The Foundation

Image showing how to start The Foundation.

Once you’ve downloaded the necessary updates and have access to The Foundation, login to the game and accesss your save. When you login for the first time you will receive the quest called The Foundation. This quest has the objective to Talk to the Board in the Executive/Hotline Chamber.

Where to Talk to the Board

Where to talk to the Board to start The Foundation DLC.

After you have the objective to speak to the Board make your way to the Executive area and go to the Hotline Chamber (accessible through the Director’s Office). Once in the Hotline Chamber head up to the glass box with the phone and answer it to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will get a new objective to Find the Door in the Maintenance/Restricted Area.

Where to Find the Door to The Foundation

Image showing the Fast Travel point leading to The Foundation in Control.
Image showing the door leading to The Foundation.

Return to a fast travel point and look for the Foundation fast travel point in the Maintenance/Restricted Area. Fast travel to this point then look around for a glowing door. Interact with this door to open it. Once through the door you will enter The Foundation area. Here you will need to explore the area.

Explore the Foundation

Image showing the Control Point in Research Site Delta.

Run forward through the rock tunnel until you reach the locked gate. Pickup the power cube to the right and place it into the generator on the left. This opens the gate. Head through the gate and continue down the tunnel until you reach the first research site. Grab the audio log here if you are so inclined then continue heading down the tunnel towards Research Site Delta.

Continue through the caves until you are attacked by a couple of enemies. Defeat these enemies and continue forward to Research Site Delta. This is a fast travel point you need to cleanse. Do this now by defeating the enemies here. Cleanse the point then continue forward. You will encounter a gap here, simply make a Jump+Dash to cross the gap.

In the room following the gap you will be in a large dig area. Here you will be attacked by a number of enemies. Dispatch these enemies and look for a sign saying Crossroads. Follow this sign into the rock tunnels. Make your way through the tunnels until you reach an Astral Plane.

Astral Plane: Just Passing Through to Crossroads

Image showing the Atral Plane you need to pass through to reach the Crossroads.

Defeat the enemies and make your way across the Astral Plane so your reach the cave entrance. Go through the cave until you reach the Crossroads. Activate the Fast Travel Point here then interact with the door on the wall. Once you’ve done this you will trigger a cutscene and will receive the Investigate the Nail objective.

Astral Plane: Getting Ability Manipulate or Fracture

Image showing the Astral Plane where you select from Manipulate or Fracture abilities.

The Nail is a doorway leading to an Astral Plane challenge. To complete this Astral Plane challenge you will need to choose from two ability paths:

  • Left side: Grants you the ability to manipulate things like crystals.
  • Right side: Grants you the ability to destroy crystals with your service weapon.

You can watch both of the projections here to get a general idea as to what each ability does. Once you’ve decided select the ability you wish to unlock. Upon selection you will need to complete a brief challenge using the new ability.

Upon completion of the Astral Plane Challenge you will have completed The Foundation mission. After this mission you will unlock a mission called The Nail.

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