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Upon completion of the second major story quest in Control AWE, The Third Thing, you will trigger a new quest called It’s Happening Again. In this quest you need to find Hartman in the Bright Falls AWE area. To help you complete this quest use our It’s Happening Again guide below.

Find Hartman in the Bright Falls AWE Area

Once you complete The Third Thing quest you will return to the Active Investigations area with the intercom you spoke to Langston. Here you will trigger the new quest called It’s Happening Again. This quest tasks you with finding Hartman in the Bright Falls AWE area. This area’s entrance is directly behind the intercom so head there and take the elevator down where it gets stuck.

Freeing the Elevator

When the elevator gets stuck you should jump off it. Grab the nearby floodlight and use it to destroy the three pieces of Darkness (2 on back/1 below). Upon destroying the third piece Hiss will spawn. Defeat them then jump back into the elevator and continue your ride down.

At the bottom floor get off the elevator and head over to the Control Point you find there. Use any upgrades you have to ensure you are at maximum strength going into the next room. When ready head into the next room and pull the rope three times to head to the Oceanview Motel.

Traverse the Oceanview Motel

Back at the Oceanview Motel you will watch a short cutscene with Alan Wake. After this cutscene you will have control. Head to the front desk and ring the bell. Go into room 222 and turn on the light on the desk. Ring the front desk bell again and head into 224. Turn on the light beside the bed. Ring the bell a third time and enter room 226. Turn the projector in this room until it shines on the Darkness on the bed.

Return to the front desk and ring the bell a final time. Head back to the room with the inverted triangle on the door and enter it. Pull the rope three times to return to the Active Investigations area where to power is out.

Bright Falls Awe – Get the Power On and Fight Hartman

Image showing the Hartman boss in the Control AWE DLC.

This next sequence is a boss fight. You need to first get the power on then fight Hartman. To get the power on simply deposit the four Power Cores spread around the arena into the four sockets available to them. Once the four Power Cores are in place you can activate the button on the right platform to turn on the lights. With the lights active Hartman transitions into a boss fight.

Fighting Hartman is fairly straightforward. You will want to use a mix of abilites and weapons to take him down. If needed you can summon a ranger in the room above the boss arena to come help you fight. Once you do manage to lower Hartman’s red bar health he transitions into a second white bar phase. This phase is similar to the first phase but Hartman will periodically pound the ground which knocks two Power Cores out of their sockets. During the black out Hartman regains health. You will need to stay near these sockets to replace them as soon as possible.

Once you do manage to Hartman you will have completed the main story of the Control AWE DLC. There are a number side quests and secrets for you to find still, but this ends the main story arc. What did you think of this DLC? Let me know in the comments below.

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