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The second mission in the Control AWE DLC is called The Third Thing. This mission tasks you with searching for Hartman in areas called the Eagle Limited AWE and the Fra Mauro AWE. To help you in your search we’ve put together this The Third Thing guide. Check it out below.

Note: This mission begins after completing A Dark Place.

Find Hartman in the Eagles Limited AWE Area

Image showing the map for the Eagles Limited AWE area in Control AWE DLC.

Once you’ve spoken to Langston on the intercom at the top of the elevator you will receive two investigations that can branch off from this area. The first one will cover is to search for Hartman in the Eagle Limited AWE area. This area is accessed via double-doors to the left of the intercom when you are facing it. Head through these doors and use the elevator to begin this investigation.

Reaching Eagles Limited AWE

After you ride the elevator up get off it and trigger the Control Point in front of you. Walk forward to the switch on the wall and activate it to open the door. Go through the door into the large room to trigger the floating Hiss. Defeat the three waves that spawn in then head through the only open door on the end of the railcar turntable.

Move the boxes blocking the entrance stairs on the right wall, then go down the stairs. Head through the room with all the generators until you reach a locked gate blocking your path. To open this gate look for a path blocked with a number of boxes on the right side of the room. Move the boxes then head through the path to reach the flood light. Lift up the flood light and carry it to the room on the other side of the generator room and use it to destroy the Darkness blocking the door. Head through the door and grab the Power Core. Place it into the socket by the gate then open the gate using the button. Grab the Control Point then head into the next room.

In this next round room you need to defeat three sets of enemies that spawn in. Defeat these sets then head up onto the train turntable. On the end side heading towards the door you will see a yellow tarp above you. Head up to the tarp then look ahead of you on the wall for some breakable windows. Destroy the windows and float over to the room. Follow the signs in this room to reach the Utility Corridor.

Utility Corridor

Before heading to deep into the Utility Corridor you will encounter a floodlight. Pick up the light and carry it with you to traverse the Darkness. Head through the linear corridor until you reach an elevator with Darkness on it. Use the light to destroy the Darkness then drop down the hole it leaves. Upon landing below there will be two Hiss enemies. Take them out then move the items blocking you way to reach the next room.

To solve this next room you need to open the gate on the middle platform by using the generators below. To do this simply follow the two yellow cables that run from the wall above gate to the corresponding two generators below. Put the two Power Cores into the generators with the yellow cables running from them and the gate above will open. Go through the gate into the next room. Follow the rooms until you reach the Service Vents. Pull the yellow vent out of the way and head through the doorway.

Service Vents

The Service Vents are fairly linear. You can only head one way in them which is to the right. Follow them around the bend to encounter some Hiss. Take out the Hiss and continue forward until you can only drop down. Drop into the new room that has the Control Point. Use the Control Point then head over to the door control. Activate the door and go through it into Eagles Limited Area.

Eagles Limited Area – Lower Train to Light Area

In the Eagles Limited Area you will see a yellow tarp underneath a console to your left. Head over to the consoles and, when ready, hit the button. When you hit the button darkness descends and a train appears above you. You need to move this train by using this consoles.

Image showing the switch to pull to activate the lights in the Eagle Limited AWE area of the Control AWE DLC.

To do this head forward along the track and you will see a light platform on the right with Hiss on it. Go up to this platform, defeat the Hiss and push the red button. Head forward again and look to the left side of the track this time to find another platform. Clear the Hiss and press the button. The final platform is raised at the end of the track. Go there and clear the Hiss then throw the switch next to the lowered train to light the area which causes the monster to retreat. This will trigger a new objective to Pursue Hartman into the AWE Transit Bay.

Pursue Hartman into the AWE Transit Bay

From the lever we pulled look to the left to see a Shifted Passage entrance we can go through. Head through the Shifted Passage until you reach the Control Point outside the Transit Bay. Use the Control Point if needed then head through the double-doors into the Transit Bay area.

Transit Bay – Hartman Fight

Image showing the four sockets in the Control Room of the Transit Bay in AWE DLC for Control.

The Transit Bay area is a boss fight. Here you need to fight Hartman. To do this you need to illuminate the room by placing four Power Cores in the control room. Each Power Core is housed inside a raised holding room in each of the four corners of the room. To access these raised holding rooms go to the one that spawns enemies first. This causes red crystals to appear on the exterior. Shoot the red crystals to have access to the Power Core inside. Take to the Control Room and place it into the socket. Repeat for each corner of the room until you have all four sockets filled. Flip the switch after to flood the room with light which causes Hartman to escape once again.

Complete the Transit Bay sequence to end the Find Hartman in the Eagles Limited AWE Area investigation. Once this investigation is complete you can head back to Active Investigations and across to the Fra Mauro AWE.

Find Hartman in the Fra Mauro AWE Area

Image showing the Fra Mauro AWE Area map in Control AWE.

With the first portion of the quest done it’s time to head into the Fra Mauro AWE area. As mentioned above this area can be accessed through the double-doors to the right of the intercom we spoke to Langston on. Like we did for the Eagles Limited AWE we need to ride an elevator to reach this area do this to reach the Observation Deck which has a Control Point in it.

Reaching Fra Mauro AWE

Clear the debris blocking the double-doors in front of you and then head through them. Take out the Hiss enemies that appear then grab the floodlight from off the ground next to the broken couch. Use the light to destroy the Darkness blocking the path with the metal detector on your left.

Go through the metal detector into the next room. Clear the Hiss in this large room and walk to the end of it. In the darkness to the left is a floodlight. Pick it up and carry to the control room next to the dark area. Shine the light on the generator to remove the Darkness from the socket. Continue holding the light and head into the office on the right wall of the large room. Shine the light on the Power Core to remove Darkness then pick it up and place it into the socket. Hit the switch nearby to open the elevator. Go down the elevator shaft into the room below.

Trolley Room Solution

Image showing the Trolley Room Solution in Control AWE DLC.

Head to the right side of this room with the trolley and tracks to find a Control Point near a console. Activate the Control Point then head to the opposite side of the room and grab the Power Core there. Take this Power Core and place it in the socket next to the Control Point. This powers the nearby console. Hit the right button to move the trolley to the right. Wait for it to lineup with the Darkness covered socket on the far wall then press the left button to stop it in place. Take the Power Core out of the socket and place it into the socket on the trolley to activate its light. This removes the Darkness allowing you to place the Power Core in the socket on the far wall. Do this to open the door leading to Lower Access.

Lower Access – Escape the Darkened Corridor

Head down into the Lower Access room to reach a Darkened Corridor. In this Darkened Corridor you need to find a way to escape before Hartman gets you. The path to take is marked by yellow objects. The first direction you should head is to the left. Follow the yellow tarps to the wall with cracks in it. Destroy this wall and head through it into the light area. Go across to the next light area by either running or dashing. Continue to follow the light and yellow objects until you reach a Power Core. Ignore it and destroy the wall to its left. Once the wall is destroyed place the Power Core in the socket in the room the wall hole leads to and hit the switch to turn on the lights.

When the lights turn on you will scare away Hartman. Head through the next rooms to reach a Control Point. Trigger the Control Point and head into the round room ahead. On the bottom of this room you will see a couple of Hiss standing in a doorway. Kill the Hiss and cross the tracks to reach the control room. Hit the button in the control room to turn the tracks. The tracks will stop intermittently as Hiss spawn in. Clear the Hiss then shoot the red crystals that stop the large cogs. Once the light on the track is turned enough it will shine on the Darkness blocking the door below. Go through this door to reach Shifted Offices.

Shifted Offices

In the first room of the Shifted Offices your progress will be halted by double-doors that are blocked by Darkness. On right wall move the objects blocking a small alcove that has a Power Core inside it. Place this Power Core into the socket next to the single door and go into this room. Grab the floodlight off the shelf here then use it on the double-doors so you can go through them. Follow the linear path to the Control Point outside AWE Loading Bay.

AWE Loading Bay

Note: Before heading into the AWE Loading Bay you can use the intercom outside the room to summon a buddy for the room. Use it if needed.

When you are ready to go head into the Loading Bay. Leave the control room and enter the large room. Here you need to clear the waves of Hiss that appear before you can advance through the large pipe in the pit below. If need be summon the buddy to help you clear the room. Once clear the red mist covering the pipe will disappear allowing you to head down into it.

Pass through the passage way until you reach an elevator at the end. Ride the elevator up to reach a Control Point just outside the Fra Mauro AWE area.

Fra Mauro AWE – Activate the Lights to Defeat Hartman

Image showing how to complete Fra Mauro AWE - Activate the Lights to Defeat Hartman in Control AWE.

This room is fairly straightforward to complete. There are a few consoles littered about the room that control the roof. Allowing you to open and close it which brings in light. On each button at the console there is a sticky note that shows which direction the button makes the light move. To complete the room do the following:

  1. Press button on console to left of entrance (Mobile Lab 1).
  2. Follow light counter-clockwise to next platform grabbing the Power Core along the way.
  3. Throw Power Core into top socket on far wall.
  4. Trigger right button and follow light to platform in the top left corner of the room (Mobile Lab 2).
  5. Push left button and follow light so you can grab the Power Core.
  6. Throw Power Core into top socket.
  7. Access elevator to left of sockets.
  8. Push button in control room to flood light into the room.

Upon completion of this room you will need to return to Active Investigations. Head through the Service Ducts attached to the control room to reach the start of the area. Retrace your steps to get back to the Active Investigations room.

When you return to Active Investigations you will trigger the end of the mission. This will open the Bright Falls AWE area and your next quest step called It’s Happening Again.

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