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In each of the new areas of the Control DLC, AWE, there is a side quest you can complete. In the Eagles Limited AWE area you can complete the Dead in its Tracks side mission while the Fra Mauro AWE features the side mission Gerbil Took the Top Head. To help you complete the latter mission we’ve put together this Gerbil Took the Top Head guide. Check it out below.

Speak with the Voice on the Cell Intercom

Image showing speaking to the prisoner via the cell intercom in Fra Mauro AWE in Control AWE.

You will trigger this side mission while you complete the Fra Mauro AWE Hartman section of the The Third Thing quest. When this side quest is activated you can speak to the prisoner in the Holding Cell on the left wall in the Fra Mauro AWE room. Use the intercom on the exterior of the cell to learn the Prisoner wants something you agree to find.

Find what the Prisoner Wants

To find what the Prisoner wants you need to search for a few items and show it to him each time. The items you need to find then show to the Prisoner are as follows (order doesn’t matter):

  • Basketball: on floor in Mobile Lab 2.
  • Fruit and Cheese Platter: on console in Mobile Lab 2.
  • Stuffed Animal: on floor in Mobile Lab 1.
  • Alcohol Bottle: on console in Mobile Lab 1.

Once you grab all of the above listed items and take them to the Prisoner you will get a new objective to find the “head.”

Where to Find the Head

Image showing where to find the head for the Prisoner in Control AWE DLC.

This “head” the prisoner speaks of is actually found inside the Sector Head Office. Make your way back to this location by fast travelling (Sealed Firebreak) or backtracking. Once you are in this area head into the large square room to trigger a named Hiss spawn called Sargeant Houton in the office above you. Head up to the office and defeat this enemy. Once defeated grab the Space Helmet off the shelf nearby. Head back to the Prisoner.

Bring the Prisoner its Head

Fast travel or traverse your way back to the Holding Cell in the Fra Mauro AWE. Use the intercom to give the head to the Prisoner then press the door button when prompted. After you deliver the head you will complete the side mission which rewards you with experience and a mod.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Gerbil Took the Top Head side mission in Controls AWE. This is one of a few side missions you can complete in this expansion. Check out our other AWE guides for more help if you need it.

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  1. George says:

    The order for the items doesn’t need to be in that same order. This was an easy guide to follow!

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