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In the Operations Center of the Investigations Sector you will find a cork-board with a number of sticky notes on it. This cork-board contains side quests you can activate and complete. One of the side quests is called Another Fine Mess: Burn the Dark. This side quests tasks you with eliminating Darkness in various areas. To help you complete this side quest use our Another Fine Mess: Burn the Dark guide for the AWE Control DLC.

Investigations Sector Darkness Map Locations

Image showing the Investigations Sector Darkness Map Locations in Control AWE DLC.

There are three areas you need to explore to find blobs of Darkness: Utility Corridor, Eagle Limited AWE, and Service Ducts. Like other Darkness you’ve encountered up to this point you will need to have a floodlight available to shine on the Darkness. Once you hold the light on them enough they will be destroyed. Use the map above to find each Darkness location.

Utility Corridor Darkness Locations

Access the Utility Corridor via the Turntable Control Point. Head into the Turntable and jump up into the office above. In this office is the first Darkness. Shine a light on it then head down the corridor into the Utility Corridor. In the first corner you will find the second Darkness up in the corner. Continue further into the corridor to find the final Darkness blog on your left in the corner of the square room.

Eagle Limited AWE Darkness Locations

Inside the Eagle Limited AWE area head into the the Control Room and grab the floodlight there. Once you have this floodlight leave the Control Room and head onto the catwalk above the elevator room to find the first Darkness blob. Head opposite this blob on the catwalk to find another Darkness blob. Destroy it then down to the main floor. Head over to the Mobile Lab 2 and jump on top of it. Stand on the generator on the roof and look into the caged area on the wall to find the final Darkness blob.

Service Ducts Darkness Locations

Head through the Fra Mauro AWE area so you can reach the Control Room. Go through the Control Room to reach the Service Ducts area. In the Service Ducts you will find all three Darkness blobs on the ceiling and in corners at the bends.

Once you destroy all of the Darkness blobs listed above you will finish the side quest. This is one of a number of side quests you need to complete in order to get the reward.

Another Fine Mess Guides:

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