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In the Operations Center of the Investigations Sector you will find a cork-board with a number of sticky notes on it. This cork-board contains side quests you can activate and complete. One of the side quests is called Another Fine Mess: Clear the Mold. This side quests tasks you with finding mold in various area and destroying it. To help you complete this side quest use our Another Fine Mess: Clear the Mold guide for the AWE Control DLC.

Investigations Sector Mold Locations Map

Image of an Investigations Sector Mold Locations Map.

To complete this side quest you need to clear mold in three locations: Abandoned Offices, Loading Bay Vents, A/C Systems. The locations of the mold rooms are marked on the map labove. To clear the mold you need to shoot all the green mold pieces inside the mold filled rooms in each area (about 10ish mold in each room).

Abandoned Offices Mold Location

Image showing where to find the mold room in the Abandoned Offices in Control AWE.

To clear the mold in the Abandoned Offices you need to access the room that is full of mold. This room is located off the catwalk you need to hover to in-order to reach the Operations Corridor. Instead of going to the right on the catwalk head left and move the barricades blocking the door to reach the mold room. Inside this room shoot all green mold from floor to ceiling to destroy it all in this room.

Loading Bay Vents Mold Location

Image showing how to reach the Loading Bay Vents mold room in Control AWE DLC.

To reach the mold filled room in the Loading Bay Vents make your way down to the vents and head about halfway into them until you reach a vent you can pull/push on your left. Remove this vent and hang a right to reach the mold filled room. Inside this room destroy all 10-ish pieces of green mold from the floor to ceiling to clear this objective.

A/C Systems Mold Locations

The A/C Systems room is accessible right after you drop down the elevator shaft in the Utility Corridor. Simply head into the door marked A/C Systems on your right to reach the mold room. Destroy the green mold here to complete this objective.

Once you have destroyed all of the mold listed above you will have completed this side-quest. This side-quest is part of a broader group of side-quests that must be completed to unlock your reward.

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