Borderlands 3: Where to Find All Gold Toilets in Revenge of the Cartels

In the newest seasonal event for Borderlands 3, Revenge of the Cartels, there is a special challenge players can complete by flushing all the golden toilets on the map. To help you complete this challenges I’ve put together this where to find all gold toilets guide. Before diving deep into these locations keep in mind you need to flush all the gold toilets below in one play-through (not over multiple).

Gold Toilets Locations Map

Image showing all Gold Toilet locations on the map of Villa Ultraviolet.

There are a total of three gold toilets you need to flush in order complete the Marking Your Territory challenge during the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event. These gold toilets MUST ALL BE FLUSHED during one play-through. The map above shows you the general locations of each toilet you will need to flush. Read the numbers below for more information on each location.

  1. The first toilet can be found in the master bedroom of the Mansion in a Mansion. To access the Master Bedroom you must first take out the enemies on the floor below until an underboss rides down on the elevator. Defeat the boss and ride the elevator up to the Master Bedroom. Head into the room to the south to access the bathroom and the gold toilet inside. Be sure to flush this toilet.
  2. You will find the second toilet inside The House That Joey Built. When you enter this mansion go up the stairs leading to the east portion of the building. Walkthrough the hallway heading to the northeast until you reach a closed door. Defeat enemies until an underboss appears through the closed door. Defeat this underboss and head into the bedroom. Access the washroom attached to the bedroom to reach this toilet.
  3. The final gold toilet can be found in Old Grape Storage which is located under the Gardens of Hedonia. To reach this location you need go through the gardens and access the entrance I’ve marked on the map above. Go through the cellar until you reach the large open area with a number of barrels. Go into the first room on your right to reach the final gold toilet.

Once you’ve flushed all of the toilets listed above you will trigger the Marking Your Territory challenge. This challenge needs to be completed if you wish to collect all of the rewards from this seasonal event.

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