Borderlands 3: Revenge of the Cartels Rewards List

There is currently a seasonal event underway in Borderlands 3 called Revenge of the Cartels. This seasonal event features a new location to explore as well as new rewards to earn. This new items you can unlock are all themed around the event and can be unlocked by completing specific challenges. Continue reading our Revenge of the Cartels rewards list below to learn what you can unlock.

What Rewards are Available During the Revenge of the Cartels Event?

Like any good seasonal event, the Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartel event features a total of five theme specific items to unlock. These items can be unlocked from Maurice on the Events page. The seasonal items were shown off by Gearbox in the art page shown above. The items for unlock are as follows:

  • “VECH-tor Graphics” ECHO Skin – 3 Challenges.
  • “Retro Outrunner” Weapon Trinket – 6 Challenges.
  • “Framed Firewall” Room Decoration – 10 Challenges.
  • “Hotline Pandora” Vault Hunter Head – 14 Challenges.
  • “Death by Filigrees” Vault Hunter Skin – 18 Challenges.

In total you need to complete 18 challenges during the seasonal to unlock all the items listed above. Many of these challenges include things like speedrunning bosses and the like. If you wish to see the complete list of challenges check them out here.

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