Borderlands 3: Vestige Crew Challenges Guide

The Borderlands 3 Vestige Crew Challenges Guide

The first location you will visit on the planet of Gehanna is called Vestige. This location is the landing zone of the Bounty of Blood DLC content for Borderlands 3. This zone features a total of 5 Crew Challenges for players to find. To help you locate all of the Vestige Crew Challenges locations use our Vestige Crew Challenges guide below.

Vestige Crew Challenges Map Locations & Guide

Map of the locations of the Crew Challenges for the Vestige zone in Borderlands 3 DLC.

When you take the drop pod from Sanctuary down to the planet of Gehanna you will arrive in the Vestige area. This area is the starting zone of the planet. While in this area you will want to collect the 5 Crew Challenges that can be found there:

  • Creature Feature.
  • Good Prospects.
  • 2x Sato’s Saga.
  • Sato’s Cache.

To help you find all of the Crew Challenges listed above I’ve put together the map above. On this map you will find the locations of each Crew Challenge highlighted. If the map is not enough information you can use it in tandem with the text guide below.

Vestige Creature Feature #1 Location

In the town of Vestige make your way into the basement of the building opposite the General Store. Here you will find the Creature Feature film reel on a table.

Vestige Sato’s Saga #1 Location

Can be found on the balcony of the General Store. Use the barrels in front of the store to reach the roof then jump from the General store balcony to the higher balcony. The journal is sitting there next to a barrel.

Vestige Sato’s Saga #2 Location

In the garden of Vestige you can jump over a railing to reach the sewer system below. Head into the sewer and walk north until you reach a room with the journal inside it.

Vestige Sato’s Cache Location

To get the cache to appear on your map you need to collect both Sato Saga for Vestige. Once both of these collectibles have been found the Sato’s Cache for the area will be marked on your map. Head to the location and make your way up to the balcony on the neighboring building. Jump across the gap to reach the balcony that has the Sato’s Cache on it.

Vestige Good Prospects Location

The Good Prospects Crew Challenge has two (possible) parts to it for completion. The first part is to track down the map that is located in the zone. The map for the Vestige zone can be found on the balcony of the movie theater. Once you’ve interacted with the map you will have the treasure marked on your map. To reach the treasure for the Vestige area you need to reach a balcony above the market. To reach this balcony make your way onto the roof of the building it is in then drop down. If you don’t want to find the map you can just head to the treasure location instead.

That’s all of the Crew Challenges for the Vestige zone of the Borderlands 3 DLC of Bounty of Blood. Once you’ve collected all of the Crew Challenges above you be near the 100% mark for the zone. The next zone we will cover the Crew Challenges for is The Blastplains. If you need more help with other Crew Challenges check out Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges hub.

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