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After you complete the first mission in the Borderlands 3 DLC called Bounty of Blood you will travel to a new zone called the Blastplains. The Blastplains are a large open zone that can be traversed on foot or via a vehicle. While you are traversing this large open zone you should keep in mind there are a total of 12 Crew Challenges you can complete. To help you find all 12 challenges use our The Blastplains Crew Challenges guide below.

Important: You will need to advance the main storyline and Blastplain side quest to get all of the Crew Challenges collectibles listed below.

The Blastplains Crew Challenges Map Locations & Guide

Image showing a map of the locations of The Blastplains Crew Chalenges in the Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood DLC.

To start this zone you will need to reach the mission called The Name of the Law. During this mission Juno will tasks you with reaching the shed in The Blastplains. Inside this zone there are 12 Crew Challenges consisting of:

  • 2x Creature Feature.
  • 3x Gehanna’s Most Wanted.
  • Good Prospects.
  • 2x Sato’s Saga.
  • 1x Sato Cache.
  • 3x Skin to Win.

To help you find all of the Crew Challenges listed above I’ve put together the map above. On this map you will find the locations of each Crew Challenge highlighted. If the map is not enough information you can use it in tandem with the text guide below.

Skin to Win #1 Location: Vorducken

The first Crew Challenge for The Blastplains can be found to the west of the Dam you will visit during the Where it All Started quest line. When you enter this area head forward until the Vorducken enemy appears. Completing this fight requires defeating Vorducken in four different ‘forms’.

Gehanna’s Most Wanted #1 Location: The Bronsons

To the north of the dam you will find the first Gehanna’s Most Wanted hunt for the Bronsons. Head into the area of the zone to find a building. Walk towards the building to trigger the Bronsons to spawn. To complete this Crew Challenge you need to defeat all four Bronsons.

Sato’s Saga #1 Location

Can be found on a lone mountain accessible either by using the Telezapper Upgrade you get during the main in the tunnel through the southwest side or by climbing the southwest cliffs.

Good Prospects Location

The location marked on the map as ladder can be found after you cross the gap with jump pad. The building on the other side of the gap has a ladder on the exterior. Make your way through the room here and go up the next two ladders. On top of the building head forward until you reach a wood walkway. Walk to the end to find the treasure.

Gehanna’s Most Wanted #2 Location: Wrendon Esk

Located to the east of where you found the first Sato Saga. At this location you will find a campsite with Wrendon Esk in it. This is a flying enemy type enemy you will need to defeat.

Skin to Win #2 Location: Pterodomini

Advance the story until you get the Telezapper Upgrade so you can go through portals. Once you have this ability use the gate highlighted in yellow to the northwest of the Skin to Win #2 location. This will take you to the Pterodomini hunting location.

Creature Feature #1 Location

This Creature Feature film reel can be found in the film set on the west side of the zone. There are a number of Wyrm enemies in this zone you will fight. Make your way through the enemies to find the film reel sitting in a watchtower next to a camera on the right side.

Gehanna’s Most Wanted #3 Location: Ipswitch Dunne

You will find the Gehanna’s Most Wanted Ipswitch Dunne target in the Frack Mesa Extraction zone of the level. This enemy can be found on the northside of the compound on a cliff you can climb. When you reach the zone you will trigger a comment from Juno about the enemy.

Sato’s Cache Location

The Sato Cache for this area can be found inside Fort Blackwater. To reach the cache you will need to crawl under a metal gate into the room with it. To open this cache you need to have found both Sato Saga 1 and Sato Saga 2.

Skin to Win #3 Location: Slithermaw

In the King’s Teeth area you will find the last Skin to Win for the Slithermaw. To access this area you will need the Telezapper Upgrade to make your way through the gate to the south. In this area you will find the final target.

Creature Feature #2 Location

You will need to advance the main story until you reach the quest called Riding Ruin. During this quest you and the posse will ride to Crater’s Edge through Blastplain. To reach the entrance to Crater’s Edge Juno will open a fort previously inaccessible. In this fort head to the top floor with the entrance to Crater’s Edge and go into the room to the left of it to find the film sitting on a table.

Sato’s Saga #2 Location

To the east of the exit that leads to Ashfall Peak on a island on its own. To reach this collectible use the jump pad below on the ledge bellow the main path to the Ashfall Peak entrance.

That’s all the Crew Challenges to find in The Blastplains zone of the Borderlands 3‘s Bounty of Blood DLC. This is one of a few zones in the game you may wish to find the collectibles for. The next zone we will collect the Crew Challenges in is Ashfall Peaks. If you need more help with other Crew Challenges check out Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges hub.

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