Borderlands 3: Jakobs Estate Crew Challenges Guide

After you free Sir. Hammerlock from The Anvil, you will be summoned to the Jakobs Estate. As the name suggests this zone is home to the Jakobs Estate. While in this zone keep in mind that there six Crew Challenges to complete. To help you complete these challenges, use our Jakob Estate Crew Challenges guide below.

Jakobs Estate Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing the Jacobs Estate Crew Challenges Locations Map.

In this zone you will find a mixture of marshland, small hamlets, and a large manor. Throughout this zone you can complete a total of six Crew Challenges. Consult the map above for locations of each item.

Crimson Radio: Leery Hamlet

Image showing the Crimson Radio Leery Hamlet location.

In the west side of the Leery Hamlet there is a raised platform featuring a large house. On top of the house is a radio tower. Climb the exterior of the building to reach the computer.

Typhon Log 1: Leery Hamlet

Image showing the Typhon Log 1 Leery Hamlet location.

On this same raised platform head to the north and you will find the first Typhon Log.

Dead Claptrap 1: Grotto

Image showing the Dead Claptrap 1 Grotto location.

From the Leery Hamlet make your way north across the rope bridge into an area called the Grotto. Inside this area you will find the Dead Claptrap along the west wall.

Target of Opportunity: Leery Hamlet

Image showing the Target of Opportunity Leery Hamlet location.

Head north from the Leery Hamlet and make your way across the bridge. Make your way to the Y and head left to reach the Target of Opportunity. Defeat Heckle and Hyde to complete this challenge.

Typhon Log #2: Outside Jakobs Estate

Image showing Typhon Log #2: Outside Jacobs Estate location.

After you ride the platform up to Jakobs Estate make your way to the west side of the estates fence and look for a large tree. By this tree is the Typhon Log.

Dead Claptrap #2: Ancestor’s Hall

Image showing the Dead Claptrap #2 Ancestor's Hall location.

Make your way through Jakobs Estate to the area called Ancestor’s Hall. In this area head into the room in the bottom east side. In this room there is a Dead Claptrap at the bottom of the stairs.

Typhon Log #3: Theatre

Image showing the Typhon Log #3: Theatre location.

In the Jakobs Estate reach the Theatre. After you defeat the enemy here you will be tasked with opening a trap door on the stage. As you make your way up to the stage controls, the Typhon Log is on the balcony just outside the control room.

Typhon Dead Drop: Grotto

Note: If you go to the here without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

After you have all of the Typhon Logs the Dead Drop will unlock in the Grotto. Make your way there and head to the northwest corner to find the Red Chest.

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