Borderlands 3: Jakobs Manor Trap Door Puzzle Solution

As you advance the story in Borderlands 3 you will arrive on the planet Eden-6. On this planet you will help Wainwright in an attempt to steal the Vault Key from Aurelia Hammerlock. During this mission, Lair of the Harpy, you will encounter a brief trap door puzzle. Check out our Jakobs Manor trap door puzzle solution below.

Trap Door Solution

Image showing the Jacobs Manor Trap Door solution.

The puzzle here is relatively simple. You need to set the stage to reflect a poster. This poster can be seen to the right of the controls. On the poster we see Typhon Deleon standing in front of a vault symbol in a desert looking area. Use the switches to change the stage to the following:

  • Typhon Deleon on stage left.
  • Desert/Mountain set as background.
  • Vault Symbol on stage right.

You may need to move the switches multiple times to cycle through the different options. Note the left switch controls characters; middle switch controls background; and right switch controls symbols. Once you’ve set the switches, hit the button on the right to open the trap door.

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