Borderlands 3: Cursehaven Crew Challenges Guide

After you enter the Lodge and complete the short mission there you will enter a town called Cursehaven. Cursehaven has a number of Crew Challenges for you to complete. These Crew Challenges include Gaige’s Gifts, Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt, and Mancubus Eldritch Statues. To help you find all of these Crew Challenges use our Cursehaven Crew Challenges guide below.

Cursehaven Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing a map of the locations of the Cursehaven Crew Challenges.

Curse Haven is a large town you will explore during your playthrough in Borderlands 3. This location has a total of three Crew Challenges to complete. The Crew Challenges for this area are: Gaige’s Gifts, Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt, and Mancubus Eldrith Statues. I’ve marked the locations of all three Crew Challenges on the map above. Should require more information consult the guide below.

Gaige’s Gifts: Olmstead Square

Image showing where to find Gaige's Gift near Olmstead Square.

The Gaige’s Gift for this area can be found near Olmstead Square. It is on top of a roof. You need to climbs the stairs on the building to the right to reach it. When on the deck by the chest simply jump across to the roof with the present on it.

Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt: Kritchy Location

Image Kritchy in Borderlands 3 DLC.

You will find the Kritchy legendary hunt creature to the southwest of the Withernot Cemetery. When you enter this area Kritchy will be flying around. Defeat it to complete this hunt.

Mancubus Eldritch Statues: Withernot Cemetery

Image showing where to find the Mancubus Eldrith Statues Withernot Cemetery.

Note: you first need to beat The Shadow of Cursehaven story mission before you can destroy this statue.

You will find this statue inside the Withernot Cemetery in a crypt off the main path. Head inside and shoot the statue to collect it.

With the above mentioned Crew Challenges completed you will have completed all the challenges for this area. The next location we will head is the Dustbound Archives.

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