Borderlands 3: Dustbound Archives Crew Challenges Guide

The third location you will visit in Borderlands 3 Guns, Love, and Tentacles The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock DLC is called Dustbound Archives. You gain entrance to this area during The Case of Wainwright Jakobs main mission. Once you are in this area you will discover there are two Crew Challenges to complete. To help you find these two Crew Challenges use the Dustbound Archives Crew Challenges guide below.

Dustbound Archives Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing of the Dustbound Archives Crew Challenges Locations Map.

The Dustbound Archives is a decently sized area you will need to explore during the main mission of the DLC. While in this area you can discover two Crew Challenges: Gaige’s Gift and Mancubus Eldritch Statues. The locations of these two collectibles are marked on the map above. For more information on each location read the excerpts below.

Gaige’s Gift: Founder’s Office

Image showing the Gaige's Gift location outside the Founder's Office.

You can find this Gaige’s Gift just before entering the Founder’s Office at the end of the level. The gift is on a ledge to the north of the stairs leading up to the office. To reach the ledge go up the stairs and climb over the rocks to drop down and access the ledge with the gift on it.

Mancubus Eldritch Statues: The Forbidden Stacks

Image showing the Mancubus Eldritch Statues location in The Forbidden Stacks.

The Mancubus Eldritch Statue for The Dustbound Archives can be found to the east of the Holography Chamber. Here you need to make your way to the office in northeast corner of the Public Library. Inside this office you will find the statue. Destroy it to collect it.

Once you’ve gathered all of the collectibles listed above you will have completed the Crew Challenges for The Dustbound Archives. After this location you will head to The Cankerwood.

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