Borderlands 3: The Cankerwood Crew Challenges Guide

After you’ve made your way through the Dustbound Archives you will go to a new location called The Cankerwood. In this forested area you will hunt for a Wendigo with Hammerlock. While you are out with Hammerlock there are three Crew Challenges you can complete. To help you complete these Crew Challenges use our The Cankerwood Crew Challenges guide below.

The Cankerwood Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing The Cankerwood Crew Challenges Locations Map.

The Cankerwood is a large area you need to traverse to advance the main storyline. While you make the long counter-clockwise path through the location there are three Crew Challenges to collect: Mancubus Eldritch Statues, Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt, and Gaige’s Gifts. Check the map above for exact locations of each collectible. Read more below for exact locations of each collectible.

Mancubus Eldritch Statues: Fugue’s Shelter

Image showing the Mancubus Eldritch Statues Fugue's Shelter location.

Head to the southeast of the closed drawbridge to find this location with the Mancubus Eldritch statue in it. Shoot the statue to destroy it and collect it.

Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt: Gmork

Image showing the Hammerlock's Occult Hunt Gmork location.

You will find Gmork in the south area of the Sweetfruit Village. When you enter this area the Gmork will emerge from its burrow. Defeat tit to complete this Crew Challenge.

Gaige’s Gifts: Near Where Your Defend Claptrap

Image showing the Gaige's Gifts location Near Where Your Defend Claptrap.

The final Crew Challenge can be found in the area you protect Claptrap. The Gaige’s Gift is on ledge in the southeast corner of the area. Climb the obvious path here to reach it.

Once you’ve gathered all of the collectibles above you will have completed the Crew Challenges for The Cankerwood level. After this level you will head to the area called Negul Neshai.

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