Borderlands 3: Covenant Pass 100% List

Each zone you visit in Borderlands 3 can reach 100% zone progress. This 100% completion contributes to overall planet and galaxy completion. To help you reach 100% completion, I will be putting together a guide for each zone. To start here is our Covenant Pass 100% list.

Covenant Pass 100% List

Image showing Covenant Pass 100% List.

The first area you will visit is called Covenant Pass. In this area there are a total of three categories contributing to 100% completion:

  1. Mission 1/1: Children of the Vault (Main Story).
  2. Locations 3/3: Propaganda Center, Confession Chamber, Shiv’s Sanctum.
  3. Fast Travel Station 1/1: Covenant Pass.

Completing and discovering all of these items listed above will net you 100% completion for the Covenant Pass zone. This should occur naturally during the story.

Next Area: The Droughts 100% List.

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3 responses

  1. Mark says:


    This is apparently a bug… I realized this last night and then went to the internet to find some answers.

    The most likely scenario:

    Red chests usually count towards completion.

    In covenant pass there is a red chest you open as part of the main story. (You have to climb up to it – its on the left in the area right before Shiv)

    Normally you can open red chests more than once…. but not this one.

    I’m guessing this red chest is the “6th point”

    You can show 100% completion for Pandora as a whole… but (on my XboxOne) when I go to the map and am at “planet level” for pandora, and hit the right arrow on the D-Pad to look at completion for Pandora, it shows 5/6 completion 🙁

    Hopefully this will be fixed eventually. Lots of DLC is planned to drop, so obviously gearbox isn’t done with BL3 yet 😀

  2. Shelly Simpson says:

    You named 5 points. There are 6 for 100% completion

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